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Ok ValvE , was that update really nessecary ? The good news incluiding bad news about Hammer n SourceSDK , were sorry but we are making a slowdown , we will return with the moding ASAP.

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Hello to all our mod watchers , and those who randomly stwomped them in here.
First the good news - The mod is going along pretty well , as of mapping so the concepts so much much. We are preparing a media update featuring some of the new photos and a video.

Now the BAD news - As you may know , valve has updated the SourceSDK wich completly broke hammer , if you have this problem already fixed , congrats , im working my ass out to find a fix for this problem. Well , like we all know , Valve can really fak up things with only pressing one button and the entier mod has a break.

We hope that this will not be a permanent problem so we can continue on our mod again , and give you some fresh media from the oven , i mean from the Mod. If you know what i mean. So , just be patient , it will be all good , but for now , we have a quick stop.

Ok that was all , thank you for your time and again SORRY for the slowdown.


djpalle - - 284 comments

Yeah the same for me. But there is a fix you can use. Until valve is comming with a new update.

And read the readme.txt :)

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Kasumi Krystal Author
Kasumi Krystal - - 1,446 comments

Thx for the tip , but i found a another way , we copied the mod files to the Tf2 folder, tf2 has the only one running Hammer Engine , but its still goin slow.

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VovaS500 - - 893 comments

This problem happend only with Orange Box's Engine. =\

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Kasumi Krystal Author
Kasumi Krystal - - 1,446 comments

And our mod uses the OBS.

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Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

Then use the standard HL2 for temporarial work and then open it later on in OB to finish it up...

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Kasumi Krystal Author
Kasumi Krystal - - 1,446 comments

Were now using the Tf2 Engine , the ep1E is a bit of too old for some things , like it wont save the prop_dynamic setting for the menu.

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