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A little progress report telling you all what I have achieve so far.

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Hello Guys!

It had been a quite long time since the last update. The counter says 2 months. Woaw, I have to admite it, time really fly away pretty quickly! But let's go to the point as soon as posible!

Well, well guys... To be honest, I spent a whole month doing nothing. I just sat down and played with my friends Killing Floor and Counter Strike: Source.
But make no mistake, the second month I fixed several details in the first map and started the second chapter. The mod's ambient is becoming darker and darker every day, as you can imagine. I have played a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, so you can figure out that I'll take a lot of references of that great game.

Talking about the ideas that all of you said so kindly, I'll say wich of them will be featured.

  • Sound effects: Obviously.
  • Barney Sights: Because Gordon is busy being awesome with Alyx an G Man won't give a crap about you.
  • Metrocops in action: Sure, a lot of arrests and raids will ocurr.
  • Metrocops chatting about their life: Some of them have their memory intact.
  • Rebels planning strikes or planting bombs: Unless noone said they will success...
  • Binoculars: It's a good idea, but I'm going to need help with it...
  • Corpses panic: Like I already showed you all, unless it has a superb effect now.
  • Running away from zombies: The first mod ever wich feature this :|
  • New npcs: I'm not sure about this one.
  • Combine's patrolls: To kick your ass hard
  • Rebel's Strongholds: Don't spect to be treated in a nice way. A room to stay and food ain't cheap if you're a noone.
  • Near death experiences: Is a must in the nice City 17.
  • Weapons: YOU WILL USE THEM... In rare situations.

Now now, let's talk about chapters, should we?

Like I said before, I just mapped 2 maps so far. Both of them are in a alpha state, but they are really diferent, so I can't get bored mapping them.

  1. Chapter One: "A Known Enemy" - 30% - A little review of what a citizen looks like... and how hard Combines hit. There is no "new" stuff planed in this chapter, but you will feel that feeling of being just nothing compared with those well armed sirs in their gas masks.
  2. Chapter Two: "Rush" - 10% - As you can see I barely started this chapter. Blood, ruins and being quickly. Those words describes this chapter so far

I didn't plan any other chapter. But wait! This mod doesn't have just 2 chapters! I like to plan things step by step so there is no hurry! I think this will feature between 4 and 6 chapters, depending in how many people track / want this.

Ooooppss... You got me haha. I won't show you anything until I feel proud of what I'm making.

In fact, "A Known Enemy" has a whole new area, finished and ready to be showed to the world, but it has some issues with gameplay so it might change.

But "Rush" is in a super alpha state. It has some really nice areas but nothing to great yet. Just wait and you will see some nice things.

Alright guys, now the ending.

You can help me in any area you want, if you are a modeler and want to help, just say the word... a skiner? You are welcome here! A coder?? Dude, PLEASE come with me haha.

You need to know what are you doing and at least two years making what you do. If what I ask you to do is unknown to you, consider yourself out. It might sound bad, but... well, this isnt Black Mesa, but I want competent people !



Then you are almost more important. If you like this mod, SUPPORT ME! Without support this will die occasionaly, and I dont want that AT ALL.

Do you like my work? Do you like my ideas? Do you like a sunny day? Then TRACK THIS MOD and I won't let you down!

This is all for now! Thanks for reading!
AnubisGuard- Leader ; Mapper


Sounds good so far, keep up the great work :)

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AnubisGuard Author

Thank you sir, I hope I won't let you down :)

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So good! I WANT!
**** the rare situations ._.

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AnubisGuard Author

Ok thanks!

And rare situations will make it more interesting :D

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please dont let this mod die

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AnubisGuard Author

Of course I won't do that!

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