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Just an update for those who have been anticipating the next release.

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Just an update for those who have been anticipating the next release.

Here's what I have been working on for the next release:

-Bug fixes for unit animations
-Bug fixes for unit hit boxes
-Bug fix for both "Demolition" game modes
-Added heavy vehicles (tanks, artillery, air defense)
-Added an air sortie system (thanks to s44 team) so air missions can be called in (recon UAV, cruise missile strike, bombing run, gunship)
-Added an optional kill streak reward system (works with air sortie rewards)
-Added more map icons for vehicles and specialty units
-Added a ammunition supply container for resupplying vehicles
-Added capture the flag game mode (thanks to fat_controller and knorke) and wavy flag shader made by JK

Some idea of what is still on the to do list for:

-fixes to recon infantry's recon ability to reveal map los instead of being unable to fire and move
-implement a "Nuke it from Orbit" game mode (which behaves like king of the hill and is inspired by the half life 1 multiplayer map 'crossfire')
-create shield generators
-add a scoreboard for flags captured and rounds won
-Finish some Skirmish (small scale battles) map concepts

Some things that I am still debating for the next release:

-create an installer for game module and engine
-finish some skirmish maps to release with the installer
-Raider game mode (win by damage in time allotted round)
-per category gear spawn frequency controller
-annoying (but optional) kill streak sound bit player (think Unreal series)

SeanHeron - - 29 comments

Sounds like you've been pretty busy - just the way I know you :D. I'm also digging what I hear - both on new features, and things your contemplating doing!

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