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An overall summary of the mod during the month of November 2022

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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! You know what we're thankful for? All of you! (Ok that was pretty cheesy)


This update we've really been focusing on overhauling a number of menus present in the mod. As of typing this report, many of the menus we've been planning to overhaul have been completed, with 1 or 2 more menus remaining.

Primarily, the biggest changes you'll be seeing are in the Character menu. Through the magic of coding, we have the menu made so both the character and NPC spawner menus use the same files. The hope is that this change will help us to save a ton of memory and prevent the game from utilizing more memory to load in more menu items than necessary.

Below are two screenshots illustrating the dual-functionality of the menu. The first screenshot shows the menu in "Character Mode", while the second screenshot shows off the same menu in "NPC Mode". The 5 faction icons you see below will be pertaining to the random Jedi and Sith NPCs we introduced many years ago, placing them in a much more convenient place.

Character Menu

Character Menu in NPC Mode

Another really cool cosmetic feature is that lightsabers can now be freely selected and applied to any character you select. Whether it's a character with a set lightsaber or someone not assigned one at all, you will now have the freedom to customize the elegant weapon from a more civilized age for any character.

SWGL SP x86 2022 12 01 12 34 43

SWGL SP x86 2022 12 01 12 35 38


This update also saw to the addition of some new and improvements to the NPC Free Choice System.

To begin, a lot of optimizations to the existing code have been made. Now what does this mean for you? The player? Aside for some background stuff you'll probably never notice, we have fixed one glaring bug with the Free Choice system, which is that now NPCs with pre-set skins can now have their skins changed.

The next feature (which is really cool!) is the addition of the first set of a new system of NPC Commands!

For a long time, we've been asked by many people to give them the ability to further control NPCs. Now we're giving you that option!

With this next update, 5 new NPC Commands will be making their way to the mod! These are:

  • Set Animation
  • Set Team
  • Set Enemy Target
  • Set Weapon
  • Set Saber

More will be coming, but I felt personally that these would be the best to start with right now.


We're looking forward to putting this update behind us so we can continue to put together new content. We recently posted a new Community Feedback form on our Discord server, please feel free to fill it out if you'd like to have a voice on which direction this mod should go next.


Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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