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An overall status of the mod during the month of March

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Hope you all had a great month, our next update is fully underway and it's looking very exciting.


Currently in production are 6 new force powers, with 2 of them fully implemented (except for icons). The overall goal was to make force powers that would be both fun and practical in a Jedi Academy setting. Though 6 is our initial number right now for this next update, we could be willing to add more based on player feedback.

Force Stasis: Render your target immobile and virtually defenseless to any attack. Fully implemented, thanks to the JK: Enhanced mod.

Force Blast: A concentrated blast of telekinetic energy.

Force Grasp: Force Grip but without damage.

Force Destruction: A violent blast of Dark side energy. Fully implemented, thanks to the JK: Enhanced mod

Force Fear: Cause enemies to go berserk and attack allies and enemies alike, then commit suicide or harm themselves.

Lightning Strike: A more range-based lightning attack, striking enemies from great distances with the dark side of the Force.

I will be creating a video in the very near future showcasing the new powers and their functionalities.


In addition to creating new powers, work will be done to update the currently existing force powers. Some planned changes to be made will include, but aren't limited to:

- Debuffing force absorb to prevent full immunity to force attacks at lower levels

- Prevent npcs without force push to push you away if you're gripping them

- Allow you to a chance to mind trick force sensitive npcs


In addition to new force powers, we also have plans to add new blasters to the mod. The list of new weapons has not been finalized at this time, so we will provide more information once production begins after the remaining force powers are implemented.


To top off this update, a remastered Father vs. Son mission will be implemented. We're still brainstorming the 9 extended endings and we will provide more information as production begins.

Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.


9 endings? What?

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All of this sounds great! I imagine the endings will take a long time, but that's all good - the Darth Maul one did as well, and the end result was excellent. Take your time. One suggestion: maybe it would make sense to call Force Fear as "Force Insanity" instead? I think it would jive well with the whole "go berserk" aspect of it, and still be a nice reference to KOTOR - not terribly important, but thought I'd give my two cents!

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Linken233 Author

I considered calling it force insanity, but I think fear just had a better ring to it in my opinion.

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