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It's been a while since our last news post but here's some information about where 1.03 is right now and some insight to what's being included.

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We have identified several areas that we feel need attention with the mod. So we are currently working on the following for 1.03;

  • Nod's power requirements were too high for basic operations. So we have brought them down to GDI levels. Disruption towers however can all be run using the prototype antimatter reactor, so it's now more natural to build it and then disruption towers.
  • Special powers were too easily obtained and spammable so we have re-introduced costs to use these, but instead of being a cost for each use they are a cost to research / unlock. This makes the economy in the game even more of a tactical element in the game. Something we are always trying to improve.
  • We have been working on making Air-based special powers (Orca Strike, Vapor Bomb etc.) more counterable via AA defenses.
  • Scrin's Ion storms now detect stealth. This is a convenient effect of the storm which disrupts cloaking fields.
  • There will be several new maps and older maps have been further optimised.

These are just some of the items that we have been working on. There will be many more new features included in 1.03!


I like the idea of all support powers being researched before they can be used.

And about countering vapor bombs...Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous that I can have 8 (stealth detecting) AA defenses in the direct path of the bomber, but my Comm Center and some nearby power plants ALWAYS get blown up. It is no consolation that the bomber dies after dropping the vapor bomb =/

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