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An overall status of the mod during the month of July 2022.

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July has been an interesting month (to say the least). So let's get started!


Back when Galactic Legacy was initially released, we removed the option to play the Father vs. Son mission, expecting ourselves to deliver a full remake of the mission at some point in the future. It has been almost 2 years at this point with no sign of the remake whatsoever (despite us announcing it multiple times).

Father vs. Son will be returning to Galactic Legacy in the next update, released exactly as it was back in Knights of the Force; on the same map, with the same questionable game design choices as before. As of typing this, Luke's and Palpatine's POVs have been fixed up, with Vader currently pending, but should be fixed very soon.

This was done in order to hopefully provide some missing content intended for GL that we have so far failed to deliver on, and hopefully will hold you over once we release the actual remake at a later time.

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 44 20

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 44 29

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 44 49


We've continued our slew of adding new characters, with a number of fixes to the Imperial Military to complement them. Below is the list of new characters:


- Meetra Surik (Updated model)


- Cara Dune


- Imperial Officers (New models + variations)
- TIE Pilot (New models + variations)


- Ren
- Supreme Leader Snoke (Black Robe)


- Inquisitor Asmodeus
- Hedera
- Pash Fairchild


During the month of July, the amazing and talented Plasma has added and updated the lightsabers in his pack. The following sabers have been added to the mod (and applied to their respective characters as necessary):

- Dan G'Vash
- Sharad Hett
- Darth Bane
- Tajin Crosser
- Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels)
- Ady Sun'Zee
- Halcyon Training Saber
- Nari
- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exile)
- Second Sister
- Ninth Sister
- Third Sister
- Fourth Sister
- Grand Inquisitor

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 43 47

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 43 30

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 43 30

SWGL SP x86 2022 08 01 10 43 59


In addition to these new things and fixes, we've also taken some more time to fix up and add some other minor things. Including, but not limited to:

- Fixed some bad team assignments for some characters when spawning them from the console without changing anything else
- Created a new soundset for Luke Skywalker (Sequel Trilogy), using voice lines from Mark Hamill's performances from The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

- Lowered the volume of Darth Vader's breathing so it's no longer extremely loud.

- Increased the force power cost of Force Blast from 30 to 40, given the power's OP nature.

- Force Destruction will now require a minimum of 70 force points to cast (still using the same rules as before)

- French Translations

- Adding new logic for the player to adopt the health and force of their character selected (disabled in missions) as a toggleable option.

- Using a bacta tank or force heal while playing as Kyle (or someone using a Kyle soundset) will play his healing sound instead of the default Jaden sound.


We're feeling good that we're close to the end of development for this update that I've begun the Final Countdown posts on our Discord server. I'll post the list here, but all updates made to the post will be made on our Discord server.

- Return Father vs. Son as a playable mission
- Remove maps from the MP listing that no longer exist
- Add a toggle option to allow players to adopt the health and Force of any character they choose in sandbox mission.
- Add more characters
- Add more maps
- Fix a bug where your character would have no textures upon loading a save

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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Just post it I want it so bad!

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Linken233 Author
Linken233 - - 2,322 comments

Me too! Going as fast as we can!

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Guest - - 695,660 comments

Is Operation knightfall remastered in the next update ?

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Linken233 Author
Linken233 - - 2,322 comments

The author is working on it (he showed us a really awesome cutscene yesterday), but I don't think so. This update is no longer conditional on the Knightfall remake being completed.

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Guest - - 695,660 comments

Hi, any update as to when this will be released?

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Linken233 Author
Linken233 - - 2,322 comments

I had to take an emergency trip to my old home state and won't be back until the 27th at the earliest. I completed a little bit more of the update, but can't do anything major until I get back.

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Guest - - 695,660 comments

Man that sucks but hope you have a good time

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Linken233 Author
Linken233 - - 2,322 comments

Thank you

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