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We have an announcement this week to make, this week there are no screen shots to show off either. Also will line out what you will get with CI once we release it.

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Hello everyone! So, after last week's comments it was suggested to go monthly updates instead of weekly. I will be straight with you, at first I was against it. But as I sat on it, thinking about it, I finally came to the conclusion that we have, indeed as some have said last week, been releasing way too much. So, this change will come within a slew of changes:

1. Updates will occur monthly rather then weekly, starting on March 1st. The first MPR (Monthly Progress Report), will be on April 1st, ironically.

2. Screen shots will be limited to the number of maps shown. For example, if we only have one map to show then three to four screen shots will be shown for that map. If we have more then one, then two screen shots for each map.

3. Multimedia reports that will contain more then one update will contain up to three screen shots per map, limited to 3 songs, if we release anymore of the background music; which is not likely until we are closer to release.

4. Back-story updates will not change. However, we will not release the main plot line until after the release date.

5. Any game play update videos will be shown in non-game maps unless they are videos of actual game play from the mod and/or the trailer.

So I have been talking about this for a while with some of the team; about including extras with CI.

These extras would include the Sound Track, entire completed back-story in pdf format, any and all notes regarding new weaponry, technology, and machinery, and all of the test maps that went into testing out various theories and experiments that went into the making of CI. Right now that is around 11 to 13 songs and upwards of 18 to 25 maps.

I opted to not do any work this week on CI to give my self a short respite and start fresh on the 1st. So there are no screens or any kind of progress to show. We will see how this monthly update schedual goes.

Thanks for following CI, see you all on April 1st!



First allow me to say that you show fine character in being so receptive to the opinions of the followers of your project and that I respect that.

You've got a really impressive project displaying a great deal of highly skilled work which I'm really enjoying. I also believe that you'll find your that decision will be of great benefit to the end result. Best of luck on your continuing progress.

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