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This article will contain and explain about the random updates I keep posting in page.

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wfa 1Hello followers of War for Arnor! It's been a while since I wrote an article explaining the status and progress on the mod (excluding last one, that was only a joke).

Ok so first is progress on the mod; I shared a lots of stuff recently and I am going to mention about all of them.

Lord of the Rings The Battle for 7

Hama is one of the middle-time heroes of Rohan. Hara is strong, just like Gondor's Boromir, and both important for defense and attack. Hama has lots of health and armor which makes him ideal for keeping enemy out.

What makes Hama important in defensive is not just his hitpoints, Hama's power Warden of Edoras gives Armor to nearby buildings, excluding Towers and Walls, increasing armor of base against annoying siege engines such as Catapults or Ballistas.

There was lots of Visual Updates too, like for Boromir, Haradrims, Easterlings. I won't mention them at here because it would be pretty boring to see.

New East Roster

Like explained on the images, there will be a special function in maps that would allow players to access certain special units in certain maps. Starting with Southron. Men of the East will be an exclusive mini-faction for Mordor, that can be recruited in skirmish matches in southern-themed maps, such as Harad or Rhun.

Lord asfasfasd

In the Near Harad map on left, you can recruit Mahud (Other heroes should have been there too, weird), while on normal maps you can recruit normal Mordor heroes.

There is also new heroes added to the mod, as you can see below. Damrod and Haldir.

ImageLord of the Rings The Battle for 8

Damrod and Mablung (in progress) will replace the Elven summon for Gondor. When player casts Ranger Allies spell, there will be either Damrod or Mablung will appear leading the rangers. Damrod is offensive focused and can fire "Fire Arrow", that can deal massive damage to enemy buildings. Mablung is on the other hand is Defensive Focused, that can give nearby rangers % 50 Fear Resistant and Armor. Both heroes has their uses, but they belong different conditions!

Haldir can also come with Elven Summon and will play a role in campaign. Yep, you heard it, Campaign is playable in the mod's current version! Yay!

There is also another hero in work, Ghan Buri Ghan, whose usage is currently in plan.

Lord of the Rings The Battle for 6

Ghan-Buri-Ghan was the chieftain of the Druedain (link about information) who defended his folk, the Druedains from the Orcs. He will also play a role in skirmish and campaign, but his current condition is expected to be fulfilled.

And last of this article: Archives of the Past System

Archives of the Past system is a system that available in mod. System's purpose is to be a guider to the player that let's him know about the faction's strategy, lore and heroes. During the game, player can develop better strategies by this guideline and can learn what will expect him/her while playing with it.

Thanks for reading this article! It was really fun to write and I hope I could give you more information about the mod and progress.

Ah and a side note, the beta testing of the mod is made from Discord. So please, don't hesitate to join our discord!

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I wish you a happy day and a Happy Easter!


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