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Here is some things we at SCP:BCM Productions would like to share you about the upcoming Mega-update!

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Progress on the "SCP-173 Overhaul"

The SCP-173 Overhaul is almost finished only sounds have to be changed a bit now but that's all.
But we'd also like to mention that some things will still change about 173 after the overhaul is finished as we do need testing from you guys to make sure everything works fine!

SCP-049 Overhaul coming into release 6.0

Yes!, We have done that much to SCP-173 that it feels okay to start changing other SCPs and what other SCP to start with then SCP-049, SCP-049 will receive a new Model, Outfit and possibly some new voice lines.

Anyways! here are some screenshots on the progress of the mod!

Also do not tell me that the SCP-049 Model is white in the picture as we already know, we still haven't made the texture/outfit for him yet and as of SCP-173 that could possibly be the finished texture.

Special Thanks to the creators of SCP:BLAM Mod for the SCP-049 Texture

Join their discord and help them out!

New & Upcoming SCP-049 ModelNew & Upcoming SCP-173 Texture

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