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The first map is almost complete, and trust me, it looks much better than anything you've seen from ZC before!

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Quick description of Balthaier:

The players start in a safe room (Yes, I know that's kind of taken right out of L4D but I had no other name for the safe-spawn room) and after opening the door, are greeted with a sea of zombies in a once beautiful courtyard. They must work together (or fight alone) with merely a pistol and a crowbar against the zombies to survive. A few crates are scattered to allow them to replenish ammunition.

After clearing out the courtyard successfully and finding the exit, they then find themselves in barren walkway which has now become a fortified warground. What they find from then on is... Surprising, and tough...

After reaching the end of Balthaier they the map is changed and they are wisked away on to their next location. (Maps will be designed to flow into eachother, do not worry.)

Once all of the finishing touches have been added, I will post teaser screenshots of the finished product.


does that mean a one map beta is close? :D

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Andokool12 Author

Hm... :)


But to talk serious for a moment I'm not completely sure. Currently the team only has mappers (Jakimo and I) and I've really been wanting to fix the communication system and give the players models instead of making them all nameless grey figures with guns around the crochular area that can't communicate :P.

But of course if players didn't mind using and xfire/steam group chat during gameplay/playing without their friends then I might release a beta.

Heck, I might wait to finish up work on level 2 (it has a name that will not be released until the first media of it) and release a two level beta.

Added a bit to the end of the post to talk about the mapchange feature.

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sounds good

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