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A small update on status of the mod. Cameos still open.

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If the ModDB page for this is really bad, I apologise; this is my first time documenting a mod here. It will improve when I get used to it.

To clarify exactly what this mod is - it's based off older DXMP RPGs, but it's evolved into something closer to being an online GTA. It features many new things, most of which are customizeable, including: (and I'll try to keep this brief) functioning NPC cops, civlians and gangsters, currency, hotel rooms/apts/houses, furniture, pets, missions, jobs, player clothing, stealing, exploring and so on.

It should be completed within 2 weeks maximum, after which it will be hosted publicly in DXMP (it may take slightly longer; I need to confirm the host). The mod will remain protected for at least a month or two and it will be locked to being hosted on a single server until released. Editable and hostable versions will be released in the future, and source code will be released when I complete it.

There isn't a lot left to say. I could write about everything in detail but that would take ages and it'd be pretty pointless, considering it's only ~12MB to install and almost completed. I'm still up for adding player cameos or suggestions if you're interested.

Benjimable - - 544 comments

Wow! Have you been working on it long?
2 Weeks Until release. Excellent. Keep It up.

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Cozzz Author
Cozzz - - 8 comments

Thanks! :) I've been working on it on and off for somewhere between 1 - 2 years, but it's been slow with college coming and going in that time. Will definitely be utilising time better in the future though. Anyway yeah; 2 weeks maximum :)

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ChineseDemocracy - - 82 comments

Best news for DXMP in ages.

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