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Another update concerning The Curse!! Good things are happening!

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Hello again everyone!! There's some things I need to tell you guys!

First of all, is that progress I coming along quite nicely. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am doing the whole 'more than one way to complete a map' thing. I won't lie, it's taking some ingenuity on my part to make everything work together properly, but the finished product will be entirely worth it I'm sure. The first map (other than the intro one) is FINALLY done after so long!! There's still more to do on it, like ambient noise and detail etc. etc., but that can wait until the end. The second level is just now beginning construction!! Jeez, took me long enough.... XD

I think I mentioned this in a previous update, but this custom story will feature MULTIPLE ENDINGS. However, I am adding some stipulations for this. The game, depending on your decisions and actions, will end in various ways. For example, there's a sequence I am developing that when you go to a certain area, you are told to go back. If you do not heed the warning and keep going, the player will die and the game will end. This is not the actual end of the plot/game, but it's and ending in the middle of the game to test the player's decision making skills I guess. I'm just trying to create an open-world, decision-dependent mod that tailors to your choices, so the rewards, or consequences, are yours alone. I may make respawn points though, so you do not have to start all over again.

I hope you guys aren't confused about that. I'm not the best at explaining myself sometimes o.e



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Sounds good LadyofGaming good luck further and happy holidays.

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