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Adding details, puzzles, scenery, etc. to the first actually playable map!! New stuff and ideas as well!

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Hey guys!!

Wow, a lot of stuff has been happening concerning Amnesia: The Curse!

First of all, I am adding a new aspect to my mod. For every map (except the Intro) there will be more than one way to progress. I am trying to make it seem more immersive and intuitive for the player because I, for one, HATE really linear games. I enjoy a horror mod that allows me to make decisions and find my way through without holding my hand like an overbearing mother. So, exploration and other things are becoming EXTREMELY important for this mod. For example, the first playable map has at least two ways to progress. Both ways will lead you to the same area, but with different starting positions. I am planning on taking this 'open world' idea to the next level and making your choices as a player affect the story as a whole. It will be difficult, sure, but who cares? IT WILL BE EPIC!!

Last bit of news I have is that I was contacted by an upstarting company that wants to support my mod in return for future work. I haven't decided what to do just yet, but I am seriously considering the offer.

Till next time!

MatsSoevik - - 76 comments

Sounds cool any plans on when this mod might be released? or a demo even better

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LadyofGaming Author
LadyofGaming - - 6 comments

I have no idea when it might be released, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a demo may be coming fairly soon. Once I get all the levels made and preliminary code set up, a short demo will definitely be released! Once again, I don't know when that'll be.

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