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Just a quick summary of features I have coded for Europe At War..

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Just to mention, I have teamed up with Zynthetikk not so long ago. And I am a coder, although I do a level and effects design.
So last couple of weeks I was busy going into Unreal Script and writing code for our game.
As of now I have implemented:
1. Reloading system for weapons
2. Iron-Sights
3. Player Class System
4. Some part of gameplay
5. Some of HUD features
Since we have our weapon and character models still at work, my code is not final and I will adjust it as we go along.

Right now I am continuing to work on game mode code, also In a mean time I am working on recoil for weapons.

Also I have finally finished coding Flag Capturing Point, there some issues with replication server-client, but now it all works great.

For gameplay, I almost finished it up, just have to code handling of game ended. Then I will move on to coding a Main Menu (in UDK a lot of features missing, like options menu for example).


This is great news i was getting worried about it this being dead thanks for updating

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InhexSTER Author

Thanks, As soon as we have some models and textures in game, we will make some videos and screenshots

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good luck on your game

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Good luck!

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