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The project is still kicking! Check it out below. It's pretty wild, so I hear.

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Call of Duty World at War's custom campaign "Timeline" is still going! Currently progress is being made on three maps. "Time1", the one that released in the demo, in which I am creating more easter eggs and fleshing out the final encounter a little more. "Between1", in which I explore the between world and how I can make it interesting and play differently from the rest of the levels. (Most levels will play in the way of Time1, however Between1 is meant to be played in a more creative puzzle based style that I think will provide some breathing time between the action packed levels). The third level I am working on is Secret1, which is one of the two secret levels that will be presented to the player (if they explore and find the secrets).

Easter egg hunting will be a major focus of the project going forward. Easter egg ideas are: Shark easter eggs (because they're funny), Arena easter eggs (because I think it'd be cool), Secret level easter eggs (they'll be gimmick maps that are both sadistic but fun).

As I learn more about the engine, I'm figuring out new ways to handle FX and such. I'm still having trouble with soundaliases and music in the game, but I hope somewhere down the line I figure it out. (If so, expect even MORE easter eggs around that).

As always: If anybody wishes to join in this project as a team member, I would be HAPPY to have you on this project. I need mappers (preferably), scripters (would be awesome), 3d modelers (would make for some cool assets), anything and everything would be great. It's a lot to do on my own.

If you want to see the latest video update, go here:

If you want to join the discord server for more frequent updates, go here:

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy the project, and hopefully another playable demo with 4 levels will be available at the end of the year.


i totally didn't expect that. and that's why it's that much nicer to hear the good news! take care my friend!

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sexyseaturtle Author

You take care as well! Can't wait to see what awesome thing you make next!

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