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Just topic about serious things for me. Please do not ignore it.

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Hi friends

I must say, we really need more activity there.

Almost no comments and group became absolutely empty.

Its very bad for me, I must say, because I wanted to make discussions, asking advices and also I wanted to see stories of other people.

Now I see absolutely zero. This group is became frozen like the planet Hoth.

Please friends, sometimes see updates of this group. I will happy for it.

Yours faithfully Alex


That's really sad news, especially for me since I just joined :(

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BagaturKhan Author

Thank you, that you are joined now. ))) Its already good news

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For literature I would try a website like that focuses on the Arts rather than that mainly focuses on video gaming. Share your works with fellow artists who take literature seriously and will be more willing to be involved or invested in your works. Sadly, I just don't think is the right place to find these people. Try to 'market' yourself wherever you can find literature being shared. There are plenty of fellow writers and readers out there who would love your writings. Don't give up on your passions! Keep working hard and being yourself and your fan-base will continue to grow!

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I have more some things coming, that I intend to put on here and share with you, I've just been distracted with my card game, and my many other side projects, I just had an idea and wrote something that you might be interested in though, (the Second tales from Zargie is also coming soon, as promised, I'm still deciding some of the events that happen before the end, plus I almost forgot about it for months) I won't let your literature club die my friend, I'll also see if anyone I know is interested in putting anything on here, I might be able to persuade my friend to join and put something up (if he's not to busy)

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