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Think i got why there ain't a lot of mods for crysis.

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Was making a research on how to get sounds into the engine and that what controls them in the first place.

Usually its the main script for like a vehicle like a car or a plane. It defines when sound is being used and what sound, directing it to the sound directory.

Example from cryengine 1:

self.break_sound = Sound:Load3DSound("sounds\\vehicle\\break1.wav",0,100,7,200);
self.engine_start = Sound:Load3DSound("sounds\\vehicle\\little_buggy\\start.wav",0,255,13,300);
self.engine_off = Sound:Load3DSound("sounds\\vehicle\\little_buggy\\off.wav",0,255,13,300);
self.sliding_sound = Sound:Load3DSound("sounds\\vehicle\\break2.wav",0,150,13,300);

""defines start, off, sliding and breaking and directs the engine to the sound location.

Then i reached to this engine, there is this program called FMOD what makes sound events. The program is complicated enough for a lot of people to just say "fu** it" and just give up on mod creation to this game.

So i understood the principles behind it and everything, its hard yet not impossible to learn, but what got me sitting infront of my screen holding both of my hands on my head yelling "WHAT THE SERIOUS F*** " is the fact that there is no controller, there is nothing what says this vehicle will use these sounds in these specific actions. only thing i can think off is c++ but i swear nuclear physics is easier than c++. to make things even harder there is no official documents for this engine let alone tutorials for specifics as this. Even higher engines like cryengine 3 or ce 5, its not specified and it uses entirely different program for sounds.

It will most likely take me months to figure it out especially with my time schedule(having a fulltime job), i can get vehicles and weapons into the engine, i can make particles for them but i cant make what is supposed to be the easiest part, the sounds for a specific vehicle, weapon, character, music etc...

This engine has a lot of potential but its use is over complicated, reason why you see few people even working on the engine or taking use off it.

Use of another engines is even more complicated but on the parts what are a pain in the a** for me, if id use unity or unreal engine i would have to make everything from scratch mostly animations for characters.

As i asked for help before i will do it aswell, if you know about the sound system let me know...please! banging my head into the table here trying to figure it out.

Will keep you guys posted on progress time to time might take some time tho.


That's a bad thing to hear. I hope that someone will help you with the sound or you manage to find the way how to make them work.

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