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I thought I might make a list of things I want to try and get done for the first release. THIS IS NO WHERE CLOSE TO A RELEASE. I simply want to state what needs to be done and ask for any help you guys may offer.

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Ok. so there are several things I want to tell you guys before a release is made. I have been slacking off a bit lately and working on some other things. Right now I'm on vacation in Wisconsin in an area where I have to use my iphone as a wifi router for now and have had a bit of free time. I hope to release a bit more while on vacation because them I got a load of summer work to finish. Anyway here are intended features.

First will contain these things.
-3 maps
-Recreation of Shooting Gallery
-A space combat map
-A map of the Space Pirate facility from Prime 2 in Agon Wastes.
-One set of beams (Prime 2 most likely)
-2 vehicels
-Looks like an Alkesh and Samus Prime 3 gunship
-2 characters
-Who better than Samus and Dark Samus
-Unique abilities and attributes will not be done at first.

To touch on the space combat. It will be kind of a cross between Battlefront 2 and battlefield 2142 Titan mode.

3 to 5 armed satellites are to be captured and directed to fire on the enemy ship until shields are down. When inside access areas of the ship by hacking/destroying consoles to gain access to systems like life support and power.

First ships will be an Alkesh from Stargate that serves as a transport/bomber and Samus Prime 3 gunship that servers as a fighter/bomber. Not much balance for this selection but it will come later.

Introducing Vehicels Introducing Vehicels Introducing Vehicels

Alkesh is a bit WIP. Mapping will begin (again) shortly. I want to finish up the Alkesh and maybe Samus gunship. Yes a lot has planed but I have quite a lot of time to do it. I will also start learning coding a bit more in depth through online courses (although I am not old enough to get the degree) so I hope to eventually have more demonstration videos than just the spinning beams. That's it for today.

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