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Sorry for the delay guys. We are back with a new preview. This time you can see the Treekin from Avelorn.

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Treekin are tree-like humanoid creatures, that mainly inhabit Avelorn. Treekin in their normal state manifest as small, glowing orbs. However, they are more than capable of changing their shape and appearance at will. In times of conflict the spirits of the forest bind themselves to the husks of dead trees and fallen branches to enter the fray, willing the dead limbs to move silently through their forest home. Lacking any of the outward signs of true life, these beings are completely motionless at rest, indistinguishable from the lifeless hulks from which they are formed with nothing to betray the essence that lurks within. Once battle is entered however, a Treekin becomes a formidable fighter. Standing 8 feet tall with a tough, gnarled body, twisted limbs and sharpened claws, they are fearless and fearsome parodies of men. Any who dare travel deep into the forests of Ulthuan may encounter the ferodity of these monsters.

xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Ahh treebeard.

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Tormy - - 15 comments

Awesome. Got wood when I saw it. (BAD PUN)

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T&D - - 31 comments

Kolwen you remodeled last model???
It's look better now:P

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Kolwen Author
Kolwen - - 325 comments

Yes dude, there are a lot of new models :)

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