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Hello friends! Here you have the Tiranoc Chariots. Enjoy this daily pic!

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Tiranoc Chariots
When the Phoenix King calls his subjects to war, the fiery Nobles of Tiranoc are always among the first to answer. They fight with incredible skill, complementing the awesome speed of the Elven steeds that pull them, darting in between enemy units and raining arrows onto their enemies. When they charge, they crash fearlessly into the ranks of their foes, the steeds biting and kicking, even as the riders thrust out with razor-sharp spears. When the chariots of Tiranoc launch a mass charge, the ground trembles beneath the thundering hooves of the Elven Steeds, bringings dread to the enemies of the High Elves. Many great and noble Elven heroes have hailed from the realm of Tiranoc.

Bel Shanaar, the second Phoenix King, was a prince of Tiranoc prior to his election, a skilled warrior who had distinguished himself in the wars against the Daemons. Upon his chariot, named Silver Wind, he and his chosen charioteers drove entire Daemon hosts before them. To the Elves who saw them fight, they became known as the Wind Riders. To this day whenever a large force of Tiranoc charioteers is gathered they are referred to as the Riders of the Wind, a mark of respect for the ancient warrior who oversaw the recovery of the High Elf race, and lost his life to the betrayal of Malekith.

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Kolwen is master:P

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Kolwen Author
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Thank you Turambar, T&D, but give credits to Pyrosh, he is the concept artist.

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omg! NICE!

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Credits to Pyrosh for concept:P

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