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Hello everybody! This time I come up with a revamped unit, the Handmaidens of the Everqueen. I wish you like the new model and skin. Thank you for your support!

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Handmaidens of the Everqueen

The Handmaidens of the Everqueen can be fielded as a Rare troop choice in a High Elf army. The Handmaidens of the Everqueen are not merely courtiers and attendants, but a warrior guard whose duty is to serve and protect their mistress. Only those with great natural gifts are chosen: the most talented singers and musicians, the most beautiful, the fleetest and most graceful, but above all the most loyal. It is an incomparable honour to serve the Everqueen, and those bound to her side will remain there for seven years, during which time they forswear all other companionship and even the company of their families.

The Handmaidens are warriors of rare power even amongst the High Elves, being skilled with all manner of weapons. Their weapons of choice are the bow and spear, and they wear corselets of the finest Ithilmar.

Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

No TnA this time, hence barely any views. :P

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Reborn:X - - 3,456 comments

The golden armour on her torso is barely alinged to the body.

I was suggest removing it or creating a new unit without the useless armour.

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gerrit1919 - - 596 comments

omg f*cking nice!

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Tormy - - 15 comments

The armour needs to be redone. Other than that, Good!

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Kolwen Author
Kolwen - - 325 comments

What is wrong with the armor mate?

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LordDz - - 225 comments

Why are the women always half naked? Does showing boobies distract their opponents somehow?

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Lesser - - 760 comments

it would distract me

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Hercandane - - 13 comments

Its got to be hard to fight FULLY TORQUED.

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