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Hello! Here you have the third daily image. Enjoy the great Lothern Sea Guard, keepers of the Glittering Citadel and the Emerald Gate.

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Just as the people of every Elven realm provide Spear and Archer regiments, so the city of Lothern provides the majority of the fighting crews of the Phoenix King’s fleet. The Sea Guard can fight as effectively on the land as on sea, and are equally resolute defending the walls of Lothern as battling across the decks of Elven warships.

Most Elven soldiery is called to arms only in times of great need, for there are too few Elves to maintain large armies all the time. The Sear Guard, however, is always kept at strength and retains a cote of full-time warriors. When the armies of Ulthuan go to war, the Sea Guard go with them, to crew the many warships and secure beachheads enabling the rest of the army to come ashore. The function of the Sea Guard means that they must fulfill the dangerous tasks of defending their vessels from attack, mounting boarding actions against enemy ships and attacking coastal positions. To achieve this, they are armed with spears and bows, the better to achieve their many tasks combining the best aspects of Elf Spearmen and Archers. Those who have witnessed the Lothern Sea Guard in action can attest to their practiced skill, disembarking effortlessly from their boats as the keel brushes against the shore. Advancing in a disciplined formation through the churning foam, spears lowered and bows at the ready.

Lothern houses the numerous Sea Guard regiments when they are not in active service, and the regiments maintain a number of large and well equipped barracks. These buildings, like any Elven structure, look elegant from the outside, however the eagle-claw bolt throwers mounted in the ornate minarets and upon shimmering blue-tiled roofs bear solemn testament to their martial purpose. Lothern is the one place in Ulthuan where a non-Elf may walk with any degree of freedom and the Sea Guard stoically ensures the protection of Ulthuan’s greatest city. Each Sea Guard regiment spends three seasons of the year actively patrolling the seas around their island home and protecting Ulthuan’s colonies, and it is in the remaining quarter that they recruit new warriors and hone their skills. There is no doubt that the Sea Guard are the finest marines in the Old World and beyond.

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Ehh, not enough TnA.

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TnA? What is that?

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Tits and arse.

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You'll want a Dark Elf then.

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