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Nothing much to say about these two. I felt idle animations were needed, since right now there isnt much going on in the background.

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I have some of the music already done for the game. I´ll be showing off one complete one, and a work in progress .D. These were pretty much made long before the project started to take the shape of a game. Of course, these songs are remixed from the pokemon games. I thought it would bring some nostalgic feeling into the game.

Treasure Town is the only complete one.
This one is most likely going to be playing on a waiting screen.
A nice little medley to hum along with D;

Pallet town is halfway complete :D The use for this one is already planned for a future area in the

Treasure Town:

Pallet Town:

Idle Animations: These are a must have. Why? Just cause I feel like it. Each and every pokemon will have an Idle animation, depending on the direction you were last heading to. They look pretty nice! And were easy to implement. Here is vaporeon chilling on some rocks .D.

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