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A small update with some previews of my own little map...

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Hi everyone, Todays update is a rather special one because its's first update! now obviously this moddb update will be a little different (text wise) as not to make inconsistency's within the updates text for example if the TCDev version of this update was called:

"first TCDev blog/update!

"Oh... it was? Hmm. Well If I posted that here it would look a little wrong because... this isn't TCDev.

well you get the idea! On with the update.

Right well last update I told you all I'd be working on a new map of my own while Tigers creates his awesomness map so far the last few days I've put in a few hours into UDK, Its not 'finished' as such so think of this as a WIP Map for now:

Well there we go! I really hope I didn't disappoint anybody with this (as I generally over-hype everything) so if you are disappointed please do forgive me for the hyperbole's and such but please do take into account that I'm a big ol' newbie on UDK so I poured a couple hours each day into making this form the week just passed.

On a more positive note... well kinda it looks as if interest is picking up for the project, I wont say anything yet but hopefully the next update will be very positive indeed :D

Metal_Invader - - 809 comments

It's weird to me to know that this little beauty is a battlefield XD
Good Job

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GriffinZ - - 4,719 comments

a fighting machine in the horizon would look great! Then you have a epic wall paper

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Thanks for the support. ^_^

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asvigny - - 485 comments

looking good

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