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Hello, in this post i will give discription of my new Map project for far cry 2 ( far cry 2 map editor). unfortunately i can’t give you pictures becouse i don’t know how to give them.This maps are based on the war between the trade federation and the united earth federation.And some maps are downlaoded from other files here on the can reconise them if the tittle is fat. So here they are:

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On this planet is an outpost of the trade federation.The planet is an colony of the UEF. This outpost is defended by heavy defence station full with trenches. An Spy plane has spotted one of those defence station and has reported it to his commanding officer. He decides to attack this defence station to siege the enemy outpost.
This planet is not of the UEF or the trade federation.This is an neutral planet with huge variations of wildlife.this map is about One region of this wonderfull planet . the tel'raychi plains.
This plains can be founded in the tel'raychi mountains.this plains are all individual plain sepperated from each other.The plain where this map is about is laid on bu'lark'aishy mountain an floating mountain of 6.875 meters high.On this small plain live the lulupilal'ku ( giant worm/snake) and the vilsigag ( giant land tortoise).
This planet is in the frontlines of the war between the UEF and the trade federation.If you live on this planet you have 5/100 to survive.becouse this planet would be bombet by min 5 rockets ( very big ones ) EVERYDAY.this is about an town in the valley of the stars.Now you can't see even 1 star...this is becouse there is so many dust in the atmosphere that it is almost always dark.only in the summer you can see somethimes sunshines.
Planet X:
This is an planet that just is discovered by the trade federation.On this desert planet is no life possible exept on ONE place.In this place are trees.the oxigen can't escape becouse the atmosfere is very low only 200 meter above the ground so they come not higher than the rocks.
This planet is an trach dump of the UEF.all the big trach such ass vehicles are laid in an big boneyard of trach.this trach will be picked up by giant tranch transport ships.But somethims there are humans on this boneyards.this is becouse the homeless people on planet earth and other colonies is almost 11 %. so somethmes there are humens on this trach mountains and they will be sucked with the tranch to this planet.And without the UEF know there is an small village of those humans.they have even fomd an front agains enemies. the UEF and the trade federation.
This map is about an great defence station on an planet.This defence station has just fired there firt shot of thier space cannons. this cannon has hit an cruiser of the UEF. the greatest part of the crew has survived and could escape with the transport planes.also this huse transport planes has saved the tanks and the the transport ships has dropped the crew,tanks and bombers near the defence station.Now there is an battle between the crashed UEF cruiser survivor against the defence station.but on this planet there is also an marine station of the the commanding officer has bring reinforcement to the port of the defence station.
an war between the trade federation(apr) and the united earth federation ( ufll ) is comming to planet mars.Mars was once an planet of the uef but then the Trade federation has taken it but earth was not happy whit that so it decides to take the planet again...when the trade federation was dropping goods for their troops on the planet appears an UEF attack cruiser to intercept this goods.
This is an destroyer of the "gerrit" class. is has Superme weaponery:
a ram,big gatlin cannons,normal cannons,rocket launchers,Heavy turrets,...
this spaceship features also an hangar,engine,bethrooms,bar,mine facility,arena,...
spaceship pack:
In this map you will see more then 20 spaceships,from transport ships to fighters.with this map you can see how to make those spaceships.
This is just an big ocean moon with somethimes islands.This moon is the moon of the planet Vladeras.on this map you will be on an island group with an vulcanic mountain and floating rocks.
The planet vladeras is an ocean planet just like his moon Tollana.But is stead there are many islands there is ONE big landmass.this map is on the shore of the landmass.this place is not colonized by the UEF or the trade federation.they are on other parts of the landmass.But on this part of shore lives natives.
Wherandia is an planet is the sollar system where Camia is.just like camia is this planet full with rainforests.only there where in the beginning no animals.The UEF has discovered this planet in 2431.So earth is on the point of destruction.The president of the UEF has decided to transport animals from eart to this beautifull planet.
This planet is owned by the UEF.This planet is very important for the UEF becouse you find here autraliant.The strongest and lightest metal of the universe.There is only ONE mine where you can find this melal.This mine is guarded by the heaviest guard tower from the UEF.with more then 100 gunns and more then 5000 guards.But the trade federation will try to capture this mine.
This is just an desert planet.with an few rivers and 1 this map you will be droppped on the border between the jungle and desert.

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is tollana going to be based on the stargate planet of the same name?

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gerrit1919 Author
gerrit1919 - - 596 comments

No, i just searched the net for an name and i say this one just 2 days later i saw that this name already is in stargate.

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