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Learn more about our first big update to Hallowed Encounter since release & also some details about the future of Hallowed Encounter!

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Hallowed Encounter-- Press Release 005

First Major Update Since Release (O.9.1A)

We've been working diligently to try and answer concerns while keeping our promise to expand the game and story with every major update. For this first major update, you can expect A LOT of improvements, new systems and bugfixes!

With our new reworked game sequencing systems, you'll see more direct impacts from drinking the beer, and longer/more linear gameplay!

Version 0.9.1 (A) - Major Update [Notable Changes]

ToT/Game: Player frozen after hiding instructions screen early
ToT/Game: Layers not properly hiding on some machines
ToT/Game: Credit Scene rolling for all three endings instead of winning ending
ToT/Game: Significant tweaks to Gameplay for stability

Audio/SFX: Edited Baylie (Trick or Treat)
Audio/SFX: Edited Credits Music/ Speed
ToT/Code: Migrated game sequencing to reworked Time/Watch System (Also lengthens game-play)
ToT/Code: Migrated reworked beer system into new sequencing
ToT/Environment: Overall Lighting/HDR (Reduced darkness)

Audio/SFX: Door slamming
Audio/SFX: Environment Sounds
Audio/SFX: JSs
Audio/SFX: Misc Sounds
ToT/Story: 1 Bedroom Cutscene
ToT/Story: 1 Hallway Cutscene
ToT/Story: Animated “---” Added (Bedroom)
ToT/Story: Animated “---” Added (Hallway)
ToT/UI: Added UI for Alert Level
ToT/UI: Added Watch/Time System

As always, Thank you each for all of your help in this endeavor. We hope to continue to improve this title, deliver an immersive and compelling experience, and returning Fans to our work. We couldn't do it without all of you.

If you encounter any other issues while playing Hallowed Encounter, please comment below, or directly to the bug-fix discussion board on Steam so that we can add it to our next hot-fix! You'll find that discussion by following this link:

Also, keep an eye out for future announcements. We are in the process of *potentially* adding a Christmas themed downloadable content pack to Hallowed Encounter. Players would experience a new level of Hallowed Encounter with all the Christmas spirit. Let us know what you think of this idea! We're currently gauging fan feedback for this new feature.

Happy Holidays!

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