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Overview of some of the features present in v0.4/v0.5 of STALKER - PreSky. Will be kept updated as new features are added/changed

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STALKER - PreSky changes many features from vanilla (un modded) Clear Sky. This is a list of features for v0.4/v0.5, which is currently in the works.

Several existing alife features have been improved upon
Stalkers in garbage now walk around and search piles of trash for loot
Monsters and npc's now roam around more freely

More missions have been added for further playability
A mission system similar to SoC's has been added, you can now select various differing but (sometimes) repeatable missions from npc's
Sleeping Zones have been added
Limansk has been opened up and warfare added to its streets
Rostok Bar, Wild Territory, and Darkscape maps have been ported across from SoC and its builds to Clear Sky
Further content has been added to the custom pda, and it has been improved in a few areas

Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Looks promising!

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Alluxx - - 145 comments

Cool! Any idea that when will it be coming out?

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Setakat Author
Setakat - - 873 comments

Next year sometime, aiming for February/March.

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