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An FTL roguelike, infused with elements of Fire Emblem arrives to Kickstarter. Seafarers of Oceanus is half resource management and half turn based tactical battles. Seafarers of Oceanus is a PC game for Windows & Linux where you traverse ancient and fantastical seas as a legendary greek Hero, tackling events inspired from Greek mythology.

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After months of hard work we're proud to present Seafarers of Oceanus as our first commercial project.

At the start of each game you'll pick a hero, each of which has different skills, soldiers and ship abilities at his command. Each hero also has their own objective and special events added to the game.


  • Odysseus is known for both his cunning and physical prowess. He was also one of the many Greeks who fought in the Trojan war. After the war, Odysseus sets sail for home. On the way, he manages to earn the ire of Poseidon, god of the seas. Poseidon is a dangerous foe, who will throw fearsome storms and deadly sea monsters your way. Odysseus's goal is simple: make it home.
  • Heracles, known to some as Hercules is perhaps the greatest of all greek heroes. Son of Zeus and a mortal, Heracles is a demigod whose physical strength is unmatched. After being driven to madness by the jealous goddess Hera, Heracles slays his own wife and children. To atone for these sins he must complete 12 impossible trials.
  • Achilles, the most famous of warriors from the Trojan war. Achilles fought on the Greek side, proving time and again his incredible martial prowess. After the death of a close friend named Patroclus at the hands of the Trojans, Achilles vows to destroy all the Trojans. When playing Achilles you will be able to field large forces, and will need to siege and destroy all nearby cities allied with Troy, and eventually Troy itself.


Guide your Trireme through a procedurally generated archipelago with a large number of potential events. Survive weather and the wrath of the gods turning the sea into your worst enemy. You'll have to carefully plot your course to avoid reefs, shallow water, storms, pirates and sea creatures. All of this is done on an animated map based on ancient maps from antiquity.

Tactical Battles

Take your hero and their band from the ocean to land, and lead your soldiers into battle. A difficult challenge awaits your limited forces. Against extraordinary odds, use the favour of the gods, the terrain, superior tactics, and creatures of mythology to accomplish your ultimate goal.

Before every battle you will be able to choose which units you deploy. Be careful, as death is permanent and Hades takes both friends and foes alike. You will need to use the effects of the terrain and flanking maneuvers to achieve victory. Winning has a price, and that price will often be the lives of your soldiers.

In addition to commanding normal human soldiers, you’ll also be able to recruit powerful creatures such as Cyclops and Centaurs into your band. You may even find other great heroes willing to join your quest.

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