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Throughout the break I’ve mostly been doing bug updates and prepping the game for release on Steam. However, I have some news to announce!


We will be doing a preorder session within the month. People who preorder will have the chance to play the game earlier than everyone else. Other benefits of preordering include a discounted price, bundle deals, and a chance to play with your favorite Youtubers (preorder play sessions will coincide with Let’s Plays filming).

Why Preorders?
I know there are some hesitations about preordering products, and I’m aware that some people will think that we’re out to get consumers. The reason we are doing preorders is so that we can reach the full level of professionalism that is needed. We’ve been running off of a $500 dollar budget ever since 2013 and it’s time we put some cash into server hosting, some ‘tunes, and some professionalized art assets (namely animations). We’d keep on funding it ourselves, but between Cameron and I needing to pay for college and Jack working two jobs, it’s getting tough. If you don’t want to preorder, that’s fine! Just please know that every preorder will help make the game better! Every penny will be reinvested back into the game and its development.

Other News
While you’re waiting for the preorders to go live, take a moment to check out the new death screen we added.



This game looks really awesome!

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what will preorder price be on day one? i have a budget i have to stick to for my next two paychecks. so if i could know ahead of time that would be great.

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