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The statics for Premonition is 75% Almost all the maps are done mapping, I'm more focused on working on the scripts and some events. I've been working on this mod for around 8 months now. I will keep this page up to date for the ones who are interested.

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Spoiler down about the gameplay time.
Gameplay as it it now would be around 5 hours. and the last maps aren't finished yet.

Voiceacting will be done soon for the first 60% of the game.

Voiceacting will be done by :
Chris Marcellus: Richard
Kevin Tart: Eddie
Sheldon "Mayhem" Smith: Martin \ Doctor
viperVIXEN : Rose
There MIGHT be a secret voiceactor in the mod, so i won't tell here.

Overall what i've been creating so far is a game that has NO jumscares.
No flying naked people,
No, cheap jumpscares,
No, 30 second maps.
The mod has to be played as you are actually the charactor.
While playing you need to seek something special, something you never want to loose!
If you like mystery \ thriller \ \horror\ atmospheric gameplay, this is what you want!

More info will come later when the storyline is done totally.

Edit : 22-11 ;

Working on the LAST map!
Then i will have to get back on scriptings for the last 4 + last one i do now.
SO, HOPEFULLY this Mod wil be finished within 4 weeks.
Depends on the chartors voiceating as well!
back here later when i've more importend news.

Waiting for the voiceacting now.
Release is getting very close.
Just played again 3 times today and had some minor error\bugs fixed.
80% was bugfree, now fixing the last 20% and play trough that.
Come back later when i've got some more news.

Fully bugtested the mod..
Seems to be working great!
Still waiting for the voiceacting....
So exited to release this.
Please have a little bit of patience all, very close to release!!

The mod is exctually FINISHED!
What i have to do now, is bugtesting and running the game a couple of times..
If i think it's good, i will send it over to "my" bugtesters.
They will probly see any glitches \ bugs i haven't noticed.
I will fix those and come back with more info.
So, release date ... can't say yet.
Can't promiss anything, but i am aiming before 2014!

I am playing nd bugtesting on me girls laptop now.
AND 2 friends are butesting atm : AmN and Marcooou.
IF these are bugfree or have soem things to fix, i will fix the last parts , and upload this a.s.a.p here on moddb.
Thank you for the patience, now it's just a question of waiting and fixing the last bugs witch i have overseen.
Release date ; still hoping before 2014.31-12-2013Released!-

people are getting some Music copyright called : BrunuhVille-The Eternal Forest
Don't worry about it, I've had personal contact and it is totally free if you do NOT MAKE MONEY out of your video!
2 : There is another song YOUTUBE CLAIMS this : ELEGY <-- The number isn't as close at all!
Check it with your Phone ( Shazam ) so don't mind that music either!
I've got like 50% of the games from free sites, because of this!
Just ignore them.
OR place this in your video where that music is played : BrunuhVille-The Eternal Forest
Premonition news 16-01-2014 :
Today i have uploaded a totally new version with a very easy installation guide!
Still everybody NEEDS the MFP (Machine for Pigs) patch installed which can be found on the top of the page!
I want to thank everybody for letting me know of the issues and bugs and glitches!
Without you guys i never have found them and the mod wouldn't be bugfree!

Small patch added.
This will fix a crash that a couple of people encountering when LEAVING the ATTIC to the STREET\ALLEY map.
This will repair that crash.
Thanks for letting me know guys!
Polish and German translations are out!
If you would like to use them be free to "install" it into the main PREMONITION folder.

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