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We saw the fight raging in Rousse, but what led to it. before that there were other battles, other heroes and familiar faces, these are their stories...

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First lets clear some stuff up. I am still working on the original Cinema map but progress is very slow, I lost my blueprints ( they are drawings but work as blueprints ) and this stupid compiler wont even compile the map on normal quality, so I have been busy Optimizing the map but until then there wont be any huge updates on that.
Now lets talk about the Prelude to Cinema Campaign: I originally wantd to do it after releasing Cinema, but with the slow progress that doesnt sound good. So, the campaign itself will feature 10 mission taking place before the events in Rousse, and will also serve to fill in some storyline gaps, and even giving more backstory to some of the characters.
The Missions themselves will be a bit shorter than Cinema and will feel more like normal CoD style mission, but it will still have a more realistic feel compared to the arcade style presented by IW. I dont wanna give away all of the missions but I will give the names and a short description of some:

I - Afghanistan: If you read the description on the top of the page you will know how Asad survived, you will also know that he has a beef with Major Zhukov ( otherwise know as your comander from Cinema, and the one who You will be playing as ) - well this mission is just that - Asad's helikopter has crashed not far from a Afghani town filled with Russian and American troops, thats all I can say for now ( BTW this mission is allready in development so keep an eye out for screenshots soon )
II - Burgas: I believe this is supposed to be in the description but im not sure, anyway, this time we will play as Bulgarian Captain Zlatko Georgiev ( the same bulgarian officer you debriefed in the DEMO )- As he is on guard duty with his squad on the coast of Burgas, all of sudden they see hundreds of arab ships closing in. Can Cpt. Georgiev's squad manage to evacuate the civilians and fall back before it is too late.
III - Salonika: An arab airbourne division led by Asad himself is tasked with capturing the greek city of Salonika, but here things take a little twist, as the player takes the form of Cpl. Ahmed Muslan, yes we are playing as a baddie this time ( I cant make every single mission to shoot talibans, we should let them have fun too ).

This is all info for now, but keep an eye out as more is coming...

Merry Christmas:)

Update Janurary 08, 2010........................ .................... ........................ ....................

IV - Iraq - Since I really like the "play as a baddie" idea ( and I see some of you like it too ) I decided to add an extra mission where you are an ordinary arab recruit, this will be a training mission, dont worry that doesnt mean you have to learn to jump and other stuff, it s more to show how the arab propaganda machine works, and to show the fact that many arab recruits are ordinary young men that have no experience in combat, but are ready to die for the greater cause. I dont wanna give anything away but keep an eye on this.


merry Christmas yo you as well!

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Looking good. I especially like the playing as the 'baddie' idea, you don't see it much in games which is disappointing as it gives a different perspective which allows the player to know the whole story and not just half.

Anyway, Merry Xmas All.

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Sounds very realistic! Great, great!

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