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The full Unit listing as of now for the space part of the mod. GC will work but is not set up for playing ATM and ground was completely removed from it for the moment until i set up ground units.

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Pre-Space Skirmish Beta Release Information

Galactic Republic Knight Fleet(Sith Knights)
The Knight Fleet boasts the most rounded vessels that focus on their ships survival overall. None of their ships carry Ion Cannons but they carry large amounts of Turbolasers and Laser Cannons and work best in groups of varying sizes. They also boast the best fighters but lack the ability to field them in large numbers.

CIS Omega Command Network(Omega Force)
Omega takes pride in power of all else. Their ships are lined with weapons of all kinds along with large numbers of Droid Fighters in their hangers that grant them easy aerial superiority.

Allied Free Peoples of Peace(Black Alliance)
Being made up of private organizations, free systems, and those wishing to escape the corruption of the Republic and CIS, the Black Alliance uses salvaged, stolen, converted and privately owned vessels along with those owned by allies like the now militarized Mandalorians and the Hutts. They focus on large numbers of smaller vessels with varying armament in the early stages but boast great power once modern Mandalorian vessels come into play with their large warships.

Class - Description
Republic - Separatists - Alliance

Light Corvette - Anti-Fighter.
Crucible - N/A - Longhorn

Heavy Corvette - Rounded Weapons for all purposes.
N/A - Diamond - Gozanti

Light Frigate - Barely better than a Corvette in defense but armed very heavily for their size.
Charger C70 - N/A - Praetorian

Medium Frigate - The main unit that gets hoarded.
Arquitens - Wavecrest - Hammerhead

Heavy Frigate - Great support frigates for front line defense of larger vessels
Defender - X - Minstrel

Light Cruiser - Ships that provide high weapon range and utilities
Interdictor-II - Technounion Destroyer - Thranta

Medium Cruiser - Provides power over anything else. Act as flagships early on.
Justice - Munificent - Templar/Dreadnaught

Heavy Cruiser - Tear apart smaller vessels with heavy armament and good anti-fighter defense.
Venator - Providence - Duxn

Dreadnaught - Gods in terms of guns and defense. Requires great planning or huge force to destroy.
Freedom - Providence Flagship/Lucrehulk - Kyr'am Kahl

Knight Heroes
Kira Trayus - Immortal
Drake - Obsidian Phoenix
Jax - Valiant Squadron

Omega Heroes
Omega - Alpha(Heavy X-Class)
Tofen Vane - Tofen Raiders

Alliance Heroes
Boba Fett - Slave-1
Jaba the Hutt - Star Jewel
Cad Bane - Xanadu Blood
Aurra Sing - Her Unnamed Corvette and Fighter
Bossk - Hounds Tooth
Siqo Vass/Layn Wynest - Krayt’s Honor


Looks good; sounds great; and I can't wait to play it!

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I'm just in awe

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