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I've gotten enough progress to show you an extremely early demo of the game. Check it out!

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Key of Ethios Pre-Alpha version 0.0001

Version 0.0002 here:

Only for PC, unfortunately; there's some sort of permissions error with Unity's Mac builds that I can't for the life of me figure out.All you need to do is unzip the contents anywhere. The escape key will close the program.

It consists of the first area of the game, Gran Hollow. It's mainly the tutorial area, so it's made to get the player used to the controls and how the game works.

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Default controls are shown in the game as little tips when you get to the appropriate area, as well. It also has controller support, but the Xbox controller is the only one I've tested it on:
WASD / Control stick - Movement

Space / A - Jump

Q & E / Triggers - Switch characters

F key /Y button - Hold (Control all characters separately)

Alt / B button - Use

Shift / Left Shoulder button - Skill

Left Mouse Button / X button - Attack

Right Mouse Button / Right Shoulder button - Defend

Some friends and I spent yesterday breaking it and fixing whatever bugs cropped up. We got quite a few, but there are some that aren't caused by the code, but Unity itself. This, of course, is really annoying. Here's hoping that Unity Pro is more dependable.

With this, there's only about a week and a half until I want to launch the Kickstarter campaign. With that, I'll be able to focus on the game's development and afford audio stuff like sound effects, amazing music, and some voice acting!

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Guest - - 695,691 comments

Woah, this game is amazing especially for the first pre-alpha. I have a question though, does the tutorial end right after the grapple hook part. I reach a grey door but there seems to be no way through it. :)

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LordMcMutton Author
LordMcMutton - - 39 comments

Thank'eh, my friend! Aye, there's no actual 'end' per se; the level just stops at the door.

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