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This posts shows pre-alpha footage of UNION's combat, including the newly added torpedos. We've also just launched our Greenlight page!

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Torpedos and Combat

Torpedos are the real headline of this post and I am glad to be finally showing them.

While the turret based beam weapons are very flexible, and precise, nothing beats the excitement of a torpedo. Torpedos are some of the most devastating weapons in the game, however they are expensive, have a limited supply on-ship, and somewhat limited tracking. You have to line up your target and get the timing right, but you really do get a feel for it after a short time.

Watching a torpedo track and hit an enemy is really satisfying. See the video below.

Steam Greenlight

Although we are still relatively early in the development of UNION, we do not expect to release until Q2 of next year, we felt it important to start to build awareness of the game. Only through building a strong community can UNION be a success, especially with multiplayer being an important part of the game.

UNION Steam Greenlight

To help spread awareness, and hopefully get UNION on Steam, we have just launched our Greenlight page.

We appreciate anyone who votes, whether it is a yes or no. Comments are especially welcome as your feedback will help to shape UNION into a better game.

If you have any feedback on UNION, or our Greenlight page, we would love to hear it.

Mehelium - - 1 comments

I'm just curious, will the players always see the the ship from "3rd person" or will the game be playable with a sort of "first person" camera with only views from each station and maybe cameras sitting on the hull filming the the outside of the ship?

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Faerdan Author
Faerdan - - 97 comments

Hi Mehelium,

Sorry for taking so long to respond, IndieDB does not notify us of new comments unless they are directly in response to a comment we have posted ourselves. I was looking through our articles and saw your comment.

No, the players will mostly see the UI for their particular role. We are currently busy working on these UIs, the only one we have released a picture for so far is Engineering:

Thanks for your interest!

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