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Is playing Cloudface technically a form of weather control? This and more on the Cloudface IndieDB page today.

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Just this Friday we had Cloudface shown at GameStage in Linz, Austria. We've only been working on the game for about 6 weeks, so it was a mad rush to get something playable in time for the show, but we managed it in the end!

We've released the teaser level that was shown at GameStage on the internet for anyone to play, so check it out if you're interested! It's worth saying that it's a very early build and has a few bugs that we know of (and probably some more that we don't), and everything is liable to change before we release the finished game.

Here's the web build for anybody with the Unity player installed, and here's a Windows build (be warned that you'll need 7zip, and it's pretty big when you unzip it).

Here's a playthrough video if you can't play the build at the moment:

I hope you enjoy the preview, and please feel free to leave any feedback you have. We're hoping to do a public build showing off stuff every few weeks, so stay tuned!

Guest - - 699,762 comments

Very fluid animation with some very nice touches, but around 54-56 seconds in I couldn't help but notice the branch cloudface was walking on and the branches holding the leave platforms were the same color. You might want to change this to create a visual cue to distinguish the foreground and background.

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Spiritlol - - 23 comments

Whoops forgot to login.

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siskavard_ - - 21 comments

Thanks for the feedback. That's a great suggestion about the tree branches, we've gotten the same feedback about that over on /r/gamedev, so we're definitely going to implement that as soon as we can!

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tehryanx - - 2 comments

everything about this was just awesome. The art and the audio go perfectly well together :)

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siskavard_ - - 21 comments


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ecker00 - - 1 comments

This is simply awesome, my favorite animation is walking into the wall, combined with the amazing sound track!

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BillyGoatGames - - 3 comments

I would literally walk into walls on purpose, that animation is great! haha good work!

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