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Pre alpha build 0.6 contains many new features like the new examination system, Openable Wooden Doors and Iron Gates, Interactable Bookshelves and Rusty Doors, Enemys , Enemy Spawnpoints , Rusty Keys and many other additions and Bugfixes

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Pixel Loot Raiders Pre Alpha 0.6:

While the game is in Pre Alpha state it can be played here for free:
Current Version: Pre alpha 0.6

This has been added to the game:

- Additions to the Dungeon Generation System
- Completly new Libary Generation

- Added Wooden Doors

- Added Iron Gates

- Rusty Doors will not get Destroyed when you use a Bomb. It will instead fall down
- Added Death Messages for Potion of Death and Bomb
- You can now die if you stand at your Bomb while it is exploding
- Dungeon performance has been increased by about 10%

- Implemented the Dungeon Room Map:
- It will reset after Level Change
- The Light Red Dot is the Room you are currently in
- The Dark Red Dot on the Map is the Room where you went down into the Dungeon
- A golden Dot Shows Treasure Rooms and Chest Rooms on the Map
- Secret Rooms will not Show on the Map
- Black Dots are Standard Rooms
- A Dark Green Dot is the Room where you climb down one level of the Dungeon(Currently Multilevel Dungeons are not implemented)
- A room will only Show on the Map if you have been there before !

- Implemented Enemys:
- Bats will Spawn at Random Points in the Dungeon
- Implemented Item Drops(Monsters will drop Item if you kill them)
- Bats drop Rusty Keys (25 % Chance)
- Implemented Spawnpoint Code
- You can Hit Enemys with your Sword (Currently Every Sword deals 10 Damage[Later the Random generated Sword Strength will have influence onto this aswell as the Enemys Level and its Protection])
- There is a Chance of doing a critical hit wich doubles the dealt damage
- The dealt Damage can be seen over the Enemys Head
- The Damage is Show as 3D Text Mesh Object and is slowly moving upwards after creation

- General Additions and Changes:

- Rewrite of the Item Drop System:
- Added new Loading Screen

- Implemtented Loading Hints (They are only Shown when entering a Dungeon)
- Added 6 Loading Hint Texts
- Added Examination System Actions
- Added Examination System Texts and Random Events
- Added Item Dropping
- Added New Health GUI (Heart on the Bottom right corner of the screen which Shows current and Maximal Health)
- Added Item Raycast (Items will always be on the bottom if dropped)
- Added Player Raycast (Now the Player will Spawn on the Top of the generated Terrain)
- New Players Should now Spawn with a Rusty Sword and A Potion of Health
- Set Seed to a fixed Number so the Alpha World Looks the same for every one
- Removed Debug Mode and Developer Mode from the game

- Bugfixes:
- Fixed Wall Stuck Bug
- Fixed Garbage Collector Bug
- Fixed Misplaced Torch Fire
- Fixed Overloading Bug
- Fixed Item Duplication Bug
- Fixed Item Dropping Bug
- Fixed (0/0) Health Bug
- Fixed Items that spawned under the Bottom- Fixed Health Bug
- Temporary Fix for Missing rooms (You will Respawn without loosing your Stuff)
- Fixed Bug that lets the Player Respawn without Losing any items
- many other little Bugfixes


Awesome BRO! keep going!

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Thanks :D

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