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Praetorian Industries will get an update that should fix every balancing, coding and graphical error of the mod.

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Almost a year has passed since the release of the version 1.0, yeah, i know, too much time without updates, life got me pretty bussy most of the time... (but the good news are that i've been working on another two mods for GSB! and that i'm going to release them in a really short time ^^)
Anyways, i'm back and with an update that should fix every coding error, balancing problems, writting errors, scenario flaws, graphical and sound crashes/bugs etc, etc, etc :P
(The update will be uploaded in a short time, since i'm a bit short of free time...)

Also, i'm including a .pdf document with the download. It is, in short, the story behind the Campaing Against Praetorian Industries (the 15 scenarios were you fight agains Praetorian Forces). I hope you guys like it ^^

So, what will happen with Praetorian Industries Mod in the near future?
I'm happy to tell that Cliff Harris, the creator of Gratuitous Space Battles, is currently working on new updates for the game, things like new types of weapons, a new DLC and some coding enhances. Therefore i'm planning to make a v1.2 for Praetorian Industries that might include several new devices, some new hulls and maaaaybe some extra scenarios, we will see... ^^


Great news! Keep it up :D

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