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Praetorian Industries Mod is a WIP for Gratuitous Space Battles that offers A LOT of new gaming possibilities to the game.

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Praetorian Industries History:
The original Praetorian Industries appeared before the "Gratuitous War" under the administration of an "unnamed" uber rich old sciencist, but it was not more than a mid-level research center until the failed defense of his original planet "Caspian IV" a couple dozen years later. The "inaugurator" died that day, but his son, tired of endless war, which was slowly consuming all civilizations, created a long-term plan with the only goal of ending that damned war.
Since then Praetorian industries began to grow steadily, more and more fast, reaching a point where it started to become a powerful Weapons-Scientific organization, with 2 huge research stations, 5 weapons and equipment factories and 1 extremelly secret and never known super-space station, the hiden command center.
When that point was reached, when Praetorian Industries changed to be a faithful partner to a potential threat both economically and politically, the Empire launched a preemptive attack on one of its research stations, no one in the public knew who attacked and destroyed the immense space station in an act of mass murder, except Praetorian industries and the same Empire. An investigation was carried out by the "diligent" Empire and it ended soon after, blame the space pirates.

And that was not enough for the Empire, some weeks after, a Mercenary cruiser attacked and destroyed the shuttle of the President of Praetorian Industries, soon, after the mercenary base was captured by Rebels and they discovered and made public that the Empire used them to make covert terrorist attacks in exchange for weapons, technologies, buildings and huge amounts of credits... two of the targets of those attacks were the Research Station, and the President Shuttle of Praetorian Industries.

But that was not the end, his son, knowed always throught a codename, "Praetors", take the reins of "Praetorian Industries" and followed the path his father followed to the letter the plan that had created when his father died.

After that, Praetorian Industries started to be powerful enough to be a universal power, but no one out of P.I. knew that... the main hiden space station was upgraded with A LOT of defence systems and shipyhards, at the same time, 3 new orbital shipyhards were constructed.

The Argena Cluster, a group of 4 solar systems, very close to each other, inhabitated and not very known due to a huge area that distorts hyperspace jumps and impenetrable to any type of sensor or waveform. 3 of the 4 solar systems are inside that spatial anomaly.
The only known research station known by the public, the last one as they think, is located in orbit to the second planet (of 2 planets), a gas giant, around the star Argena Prime.
2 Shipyards are located in Argena Second, a star system composed by 6 small planets in small and fast orbits around the star, since they are unstable, the shipyards are orbiting the star at a greater distance from the star, in the opposite direction from the other, in that way they can exchange "materials", crew, and stuff without needing even something bigger than small short range transports, because in the point of closest approach, the stations pass at just 176 km away, that in comparision of the distances betwen planets, even betwen a orbiting station and his planet, is like... well, just insanely close...
The last shipyard is located orbiting in a relatively low orbit around Argena Third, thanks to its HUGE and powerful shield.
In the second moon (a "moon" with the size of 2.7 medium size planets) of the first planet, a HUGE gas giant, in the same solar system, is located the main command station of Praetorian Industries, exactly at the origin point of the spatial anomaly. Yes, that is because it is a ultra-secret distortion technology generated by the station as principal defence line of almost all Praetorian Industries.
Argena Prime is too far of the main station for be covered by the special hidding tech. Argena Fourth in the other hand is going to collapse because his star has already completed its life cycle and is beginning to expand and cool down slowly at any time it will pass to the stage of accelerated expansion, transforming into a Nova explosion and some centuries later, in a cooling nebula.
The 5 weapons-equipment factories are dispersed everywere, but they were modified and now they are just small stations, almost all the crew and the valuable stuff were moved to the main command station when it was upgraded.
That is a total of 10 space stations. At the moment.

After the arrival of codename Praetors, the shipyards started to build completly new designs frantically. The final objetive is almost the same, but Praetors has changed the ultimate goal to a more striking and ambitious one, finish the war, with Praetorian Industries as the ultimate winner.

(the only coincidence betwen the President and me is the codename, cuz i like that name, nothing more)

The yellow and black simbols are stations and shipyards, reading the story you will recognize each one.

This mod started as a progresive release of innovative modules for the community, but as usually happens with the modders, i wanted more, not just random modules, i wanted "my" own race, and thanks to my first helper and friend in this forum "Darkstar", the mod reborn as "Praetorian Industries", a company that reveals their own army of experimental ships equiped with new weaponry, modules and stuff.
With the time, and my insistence, more and more modders wanted to help or to give their own touch or gift to the mod, in many ways, not just: Hey? Can i help? or Can i add this to the mod?. No, with just a comment, these modders managed to make my head explode with new ideas just talking with them, and still happening now.
After some months, thanks to the ever-present and good Darkstar, we managed to make the first contest on the forum: (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5906)
The principal objetive of the contest was that the community give their own contribution to the mod, as hulls, as i expected and wanted, the contest attracted the attention and creativity of many modders, as very awesome hulls. At the same time the contest was very fun and I (or we) want to make another some day.
After that awesome days, the mod passed throught A LOT of delays, and now the mod still as a "work in progress" also know as "WIP", but alive, here is the to do list:

To Do List:

General Modding:
> Module Making: Under control and relatively finished.
> Turrent Graphics Making: Finished by Darkstar076.atm :P
> Design of Hulls: Needing 2 or 3 Cruiser Hulls, and 3 TDS Hulls.
> Making of Damage/Hulk versions: Covered by Cptfox.
> Hull Coding: Covered by Cen2050 (GATC leaves for 2 weeks)
> Scenario Making: Not needed at the moment. Not covered.

Ship Classes Making:
Drones:______________ Target= 3 Designs= 2 Functional= 0
Fighters:_____________ Target= 4 Designs= 3 Functional= 0
Corvettes:____________ Target= 2 Designs= 2 Functional= 0
Target Dummy Ships:___ Target= 4 Designs= 1 Functional= 0
Frigates:______________Target= 5 Designs= 4 Functional= 1
Destroyers:____________Target= 3 Designs= 2 Functional= 0
Cruisers:______________Target= 5 Designs= 3 Functional= 0
Dreadnoughts:_________ Target= 3 Designs= 3 Functional= 0
Leviathans:___________ Target= 2 Designs= 2 Functional= 0
Stations:______________Target= 3 Designs= 2 Functional= 0
Cargo Ships:___________Target= 5 Designs= 4 Functional= 0
(i have to update this list cuz idk how many designs we have right now)
Elite Experimentals:_____Target= one for each combat class Designs= 0 Functional= 0

Functional Modules Count:: 148 Modules with 140 new Icons, 87 Visual Effects (FX) and 49 new Sound Effects.

Thanks for your attention. This post will be updated... sometimes :P
If you want to help, you can tell me via PM.

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