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The first of a series of newsletters dedicated to helping ourselves promote our mods and indie games. In this issue; Guerrilla PR 2.0 review Indie friendly media outlets Fact Sheet Example Pitching Your Game Article

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After some time away I've recommitted to the completion of DreamCasters' Duel (, deciding to take it retail. During this final stage of the development cycle, PR becomes a matter of life and death for any project. Enter PR ppl, a group where career minded developers meet to exchange contacts, tracking sheets, tips & tricks, and info info info.

I'll start off by sharing a few of my resources -

Guerrilla PR 2.0
The cynic in me sneers at Levine's self-aggrandizing anecdotes where he pairs A-list celebrities with institutionalized media outlets (Getting Charles Heston to appear on TV, on SNL? Brilliant!) or any of his anecdotes and suggestions that have no parallel for those of us without contact cards for movie stars and TV producers. But there is a lot of very practical information in here as well and it is certainly worth reading.

MOTY 2010 judging partners

These are the sites of MOTY 2010 judges and they are indie friendly. Contact info is available on their pages. I've found that some sites will post a news article about your project verbatim from what's in your fact sheet so remember to word your introductory email just so.

Free Online Video Games | Game Jolt
2 Girls 1 Game - showcasing the best in independent games.
Games On Net :: For all your latest Gaming News, Files, Servers & Discussion
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: anti-monkey solution
Strategy Informer: Feeding your games addiction

Fact Sheet Example
When approaching media outlets, I've been asked for a "fact sheet," sometimes referred as a "one-sheet." As someone new to PR, I had no idea what one was. I learned, and came up with a fact sheet for DreamCasters' Duel.

Pitching Your Game
A great guide for pitching your game when seeking a publisher/VC.

I hope this issue has been informative! Let me know your thoughts!

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