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As you gradually expand your Blockville town, many buildings will require electricity in order to operate. Several methods exist to generate electricity in Blockville, from burning biofuels to wind and solar generation. Each form of power generation has its own advantages and disadvantages which must be balanced to produce electricity consistently for your growing community.

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Let there be Light!

No one likes being left in the dark, so let's shed some light on the topic of power generation in Blockville. While not as essential as food or shelter for your citizens, power generation will impact the number of advanced buildings your town can accommodate while also making sure the lights stay on throughout the night.

Power Station


The Power Station burns either wood or plastic to produce electricity. It must be staffed with villagers to operate and will also create polluted air which can have negative effects on the surrounding population, but will produce up to 20 units of power and requires 50 lumber and 50 plastic to construct.


Solar Panel


The best source of zero-emission electricity for the people of Blockville is solar panels. While they will only produce 5 units of electricity per panel during the day and vary based on the sun’s strength due to weather conditions, they are a cheap way to power advanced production buildings without polluting the town, and at only 10 plastic each, the most economical way to generate electricity.

Wind Turbine


While not the highest producer of electricity or the cheapest, each turbine will passively produce up to 3 units of electricity per turbine, day or night, and does not require any staffing. This means any place you can fit one can potentially help buffer the electricity grid from fluctuations with the use of only 30 pieces of plastic.

Power Pylon


Costing only 10 plastic, power pylons are an amazingly easy way to bridge the gap between powered and unpowered areas of the map. With a large radius capable of transmitting to or from any other power buildings within its radius, the power pylon is essential for ensuring all of your people have access to reliable power.

In the following article, we will take a look at some of the other quality of life buildings, such as the Armory, Bowling Alley, Cinema, Clinic, and Florist. While some things such as clinics are relatively essential to any well-run town, others such as a cinema or bowling alley are more optional. Next time we explore the various way to improve your citizen’s quality of life through building additional town amenities.

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