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Essentially this is just a list of mod ideas for some modders who have the capabilities but also have writers block and are not quite sure what they should make this contains a list of ideas i posted it as a article because it would get across on a bigger platform

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|Weapones Expanded|

A mod that in fact would allow for players to unlock and customize guns from across the star wars universe with various stats and attachments these would go in such a way Zann Consortium Weapones

Teir 1: Mercenary Assault Squads : DX-6 Disruptor Rifle Grenaider's : G71 Grenade Launcher

Teir 2: Mercenary Assault Squads : FC-1 Fleccete Launcher Grenadier's : MM-s3 Grenade Launcher

Imperial Weapones :

Teir 1: Stormtroopers : E-11 Blaster Rifle Scoutroopers : DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Teir 2: Stormtroopers : E-22 Blaster Rifle Scoutroopers : A-113 Blaster Pistol

Rebel Weapones :

Teir 1: Rebel Solider : A280 Blaster Rifle Rebel Plex Troopers : N/A (Due to the next Rocket Launcher Not Coming out for 15 years since the current Rebel ones at the Time the Vanguard or Plex did not have any alterntives)

Teir 2: Rebel Solider : EL-16 Blaster Rifle

Now That is just one example of a type of mod idea i've drempt up the reason i do not make these is becasue frankly i have no idea of how i would go about it and im not a modder for this community i am serving as a vessel to pass these ideas on to any modders who need some ideas

|Variable Camoflage|

This Mod would as the name implies have diffrent skins for the Rebel Allaince depending on the planet the mod would detect the planet and if a player is using the Rebel Allaince it would swap out all of its Outfits to more Camoflaged ones depending on the planet say Hoth the Rebels would be wearing the classic Hoth outfits from empire strikes back say Dagobah they would be wearing Shades of Green say Endor they would be wear bits of brown and green to blend in with the ground and trees essentially this would not just go for camoflage and such their would be gear for diffrent planets Desert Planets Googles for Sandstorms and Cloaks Water Planets Oxygen Tanks Places Like Kessel with gravity and air generaters but could be destroyed inteiontally they would have air tanks and breathers etc this would also count for the empire as well with sandtroopers and such

|Universe Expanded|

This mod would add a large list of units to con inside with the timeline lots of the units that are new to the series espically since disney added lots of new ones this would Include these units Tx-225 tank Series, Tie Strikers, U-wings Blockade Runner, AT-ACT VCX-100 Hammerhead Corvette Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle Tie Defender And the Imperial Troop Transport theirs lots of content that could be added to the game in a freindly way i can't think of much for the Zann Consortion aside from mayby some Stolen and Repainted Versions or a armoured Landspeeder

|Map Overhaul Project|

The Map Overhaul Project would be just that New Versions of every existing map in the game With More Content More Locations to get a Grip More Reinforcement points and even Specaial Objectives or Buildings that could provide units depending on where it is

kashyyyk : Great Tree Owning this Great Tree would mean to the Wookies their gods have favored you as a result you would gain the ability to Hire Wookie Squads

Kessel : Atmospheric Producer Owning this would mean if you were to garisom your troopers inside a building or verhicle they would not take damage if you were to turn it off if troopers are outside when it goes off they will begin to take damage and will get a buff in walking speed

Kuat : Shipyards Owning these ship yards would allow you to divert all imperial bots to working on a ship of your choice from the schematics

etc lots can be done with these places

|Faction Project|
As it says this is a faction project not just a normal one for this one you do not have to change between games to choose either republic or empire it would all be in one game with just diffrent races akin to star wars galactic battlegrounds system here is the races that i've thought of i cant go to far into detail as thats more work withen itself but essentially these would be the new factions/races

Oderon Rebels - Saw Garrera's Extremist group of rebels

Mandalor - The Mandalorians in particuler

KOTOR Republic - The Old Republic from KOTOR

KOTOR Sith - The Sith Empire From KOTOR

The Grand Republic - The Republic from the clone wars

The C.I.S - The Confederacy Of Indepent Systems

The Black Suns - Mercenarys

The Hutt Cartel - Jabba the Hutts army of Bounty hunters slavers and the like

Transdoshens - A Race of Slavers that primarly captures wookies

BlasTek Industries - They were responsible for 80% of the star wars universes guns it makes sense they would have a fighting force with high tek gear that roams arround fighting to take control of resources for their cause

Cheers for reading any Inquries contact me on here or my Discord NexoNuturious#5563

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