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Greetings!Today we are going to talk about something about Aldastan...

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Flag of Aldastan


“Yo, Qiang, Just comming back? Here, come to sit, I’ve been waiting you for a long time.”

“Too kind of you, Laohu. These are some horse sausages taken from Aldastan, some little things, take it back and have a try.”

“So welcomed of you. Come on bro, we’re good mates”

Cutting the horse sausage into small slices, pouring a glass of home-made Jiangnan rice wine, with some home cooked dishes made by Qiang. After a few glasses of wine, Laohu and Qiang began to chat like flood, from their family to the world situation.

“You know, Qiang, I’m a yokel, I went to the society with an electrician certification when I was graduated from a junior school. But you, Qiang, you are different. You are a master graduated from Russia. I always listen this A what Stan from TV news…”

“Did you talk about Aldastan, Laohu?”

“Ah yeah, Alda, Aldastan, Tell me something about this Aldastan, Qiang, could you?”

“That’s a long story, did you know there’s a map-head guy called Gorbachev in Soviet Era? He made some little tiny reformations and then the Soviet Union disintegrated.”

“What a damn tiny reformation haha, tiny to kill the Soviet Union.”

“This Soviet Union, it has five Stan in Central Asia, one is called Tajikistan and another one is called Kyrgyzstan. These two Stans, with other three Stans, object disintegration, they wanna keep the Union alive. Leader of Tajikistan called Gazizov, just called him Gazy…”

“Ah, I know that, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, haha, I am sleeping at class, but not always. I know this sort of things. But wait a second, I remember Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are two different countries, so then what is this Aldastan?”

“That is another story, Laohu. This Gazy, deeply concerned by the uncertainly and turbulently situation in control area of former-Soviet Union, after the disintegration of Soviet Union. By referencing the methods of Russia and Belarus, Gazy find a similar but deeper way himself —— That is to reunion Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, set up an alliance state like USSR. The president in Kyrgyzstan also thought their country is small and weak, especially in economic development just right. So, under this situation, they reunite and become one country. After the Aldastan reunited, the economy has some development under the support of our country, since we have many companies and factories there. However, later they received a big present, the Global Liberation Army.”

“God damn gift, your f**king humorous, Qiang. This Global Liberation Army scared me too. You know what, I went to Beijing for a big business the other year. Just under my hotel, some white scarf guys who take submachine guns firing indiscriminately. Only later I know those sons of b**ches with big damn scarf are called GLA. Many people said they are from Aldastan in that time.”

“Yeah, after all, Gazi’s country have been in peace for such a long time, that let him focus more on economy. In addition, there are so many friendly countries surrounding his country, it didn’t have some large-scale territorial disputes which makes him didn’t care about militaries. But later, Americans saw that Aldastan is too close to us, they imposed economic sanctions one after another. This makes the economy of Aldastan, which had just started increasing, fall down again. Later, this GLA coming to Aldastan that nobody knows its origin.” Laohu is fascinated, he nod desperately.

“These GLAs are the mixture of terrorists and warlords. They didn’t have any commons except believe some kinds of great cause of idealism or something. It says their leader is a warlord who frustrated in political struggles. No one knows his real name, he just has a nickname called Mohmar…” Suddenty, Qiang stand up, take a bottle of Stalichnaya Vodka from a cupboard near table, pour it on Laohu’s glass.

“By the same time these Central Asian countries are in economic downturn because of American’s series of strikes, many vagrants joined Mohmar’s GLA. Then, Mohmar invited some instructors and gave these vagrants some professional training. In short, they have trained some guys who can shoot, who can install some booby traps, who know how to use RPGs, who can hijack vehicles, know how to drive it after quick learning and they even trained some special agents. And one more point, those agents have some means that cleverer than those agents in Hollywood movies. As for those Mr. good-for-nothings who just piss away their time and do nothing, Mohmar integrate them into mobster groups to let them as an atmosphere group. They can incite civilians who didn’t get any military training to drop some incendiary bombs, play some assault rifles and shotguns. Or teaching them know how to use AK-47 skilled.”

“Good heavens, so that is. But Qiang, why do you know such more information?”

“These are not secrets in network bulletin boards for military enthusiasts. National Memory Television Station, you know that? A digital TV channel, have been broadcasted a related documentary called Rise of the Global Liberation Army.”

“Oh Jesus Christ, I didn’t notice that. I focus too more on my business that my television even has dozens of inches dust. Seems I should watch something and learn about that. Anyway, what is Aldastan now, Qiang?”

“As I just say, Americans hit series of strikes on Aldastan. But the funny thing is that these series of strikes finally injure themselves. The economic sanctions cause the appears of GLA. Then GLA attacked Americans to retreat on North America so that they can just purse neo-Monroe doctrine. That is to play with themselves in their own territory, literally, they cannot attack causally in the whole world. As for those sanctions, they are all settled by leaving them unsettled. As for our projects wrecked by Americans, they are now start again. This time I went there, I found that their economy level is return to the time before GLA’s trouble, that it is about 70 or 80 percent before American’s punish. You see, we are worthy of being infrastructure maniac. But, let me put that another way, after all, in order to hit these basterds, we used tactical nuclear weapons and napalm bomb to destroy them. And it is no sense to destroy it without any rehabilitate.” After finishing these with a smile, it reveals some anxious from Qiang’s eyes.

“Hahaha, that’s great. Well, when some day you are not busy, I want to have enjoy my life in Aldastan by using these money gained from my electric power stations there. Better to take a tour around Aldastan. Now all I wish is those motherf**ker GLAs make no problems.” Laohu seems not have any feeling about this, he is looking forward to his life after gaining complete peace.

Maybe it is strange for Qiang to only take a wine glass without drinking and eating, Laohu raised his voices and reminded Qiang, “Here, come on! Cheers! all we want to do is gain enough money now.”

“Ok, Laohu, I empty my glass first.” Qiang reply with a smile.

After Qiang and Laohu cheer with each other, they all empty Stalichnaya Vodka in their glasses.

By the time, Qiang have a feeling of unreal in his mind, He remembered a sentence in a book which is a memoir talked about Einstein’s life in declining years: “Die Zeit wird erzählen(Time will tell)”.


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