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Placements for this mod will be listed. Jobs required are needed and no other placements will be accepted reguardless that you specialize in that field, No Exceptions.

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Since this is starting out, I have need of people able to do their jobs with ease and understanding of the position. Positions that are need are the following:

Sub-Supervisors (Posisiotn requires attention to detail and to make calls when the Head Supervisor, myself is out of reach and/or cannot be contacted.)

AI Path/AI Vehicle programers (One is currently in position, others may join.)

Particle placement and designers

Cinematic/Camera programers

Furniture placement and Decorators

Event Editors

Musicians (Intramental and/or digital music creator)

Setup creator(s) (To create a .msi program to install the mod.)

Voice Actors/Actresses (Yes, I am opening positions for Voice actors and Actresses)

Sub-Supervisors must have a age requirement of at least 18+. I don't want poeple to be bouncing around and getting it all messed up. I need people capable of keeping on task and communicating with everyone in the team. The use of IM, voice chat, Email, and any other form of communication must be utilized to get everything cleared up with those having a hard time understanding why you/I did what you/I did. I'm hope-ing that this project will make Crysis Gameplay unique in its form. Looking forward to those willing to participate in this project.

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