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A hotfix to fix a critical bug in PCM III 3.2 has been released!

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Recently, a critical bug has been found in Portuguese Civ Mod III 3.2, which would cause the Starting Resources and Age Span options to be reset in Multiplayer lobbies after changing the default value of these fields and readying up. Due to that, this hotfix has been made.

Besides of that, this hotfix two other bugs. One would cause the Shona UT, UU and SU to be shown in the Tech Tree of other civilizations and the Japanese UT to be shown in the Shona Tech Tree and the other one would make the Imperial Arbalest and Elite/Imperial Skrimisher squads show wrong icons and tooltips for the Shona. Thanks to Varun for the Tech Tree report and to HTD for the squad icon and tooltip report!

As a more technical note for recorded game analyzing tool developers, from this version on, mod version info will be stored in resource ID 198. For more information, check the Technical Notes section of the readme, which is included in the download.

As usual, the full installer for the hotfix can be obtained at our downloads section!

Portuguese Civ Mod III - v 3.2a

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