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Hey, IndieDB community! Last week we talked about the Portinus culture, so we wanted to show a bit of what we have prepared for this culture that looks a bit more like what you might see in-game. We are also sharing with you our roadmap update and website, so you can keep up with our progress.

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Hey, peeps!

Let us introduce you to some of the faces (or garments) you will be seeing around tropical regions of Semisus!

These are the 3D models of the garments of a fisherwoman and a guard of the Portinus culture.

They will be familiar sights for most settlements from this culture, and we wanted to talk about their roles in the game and what we hope to achieve with these NPCs.

To help fill the world and bring life to the many factions throughout the game, we are adding NPCs with mundane tasks (such as a regular villager or a fisherman) that will carry out basic activities to help keep their villages running. It helps to keep the narrative of the place alive by seeing them doing daily chores and gives room to immersion. We also want them to fit within Portinus' unique identity, and we want players to be able to recognize their culture through their clothing, behavior, etc.

Of course, this will have to be well applied, so it's doesn't get too polluted, nor does it add too much stress on our servers. Regardless, we are excited to work around any issues to implement this and see our world bursting with life and room for players to tell their stories in a rich environment.

Also, we will have guards. There will be many different kinds of guards for all the different types of settlements that NPC factions will establish in Semisus.

Depending on how strong a faction is, they can range from simply armed fel-vedai to more robust ones.

They will also have different behaviors! So don't expect that just any guard will be there to help you.

As you know, Profane will use the Karma System to track players' behavior in the game. Putting it simply, players who constantly attack other players or attack Positive Karma factions will gain Negative Karma points. Conversely, players who attack Negative Karma will earn points towards Positive Karma.

NPC Factions will interact with this in a variety of ways.

Some will enjoy receiving Negative Karma players within their territory and might attack Positive Karma players on sight! The other way around will happen too, so some settlements will be friendlier towards Positive Karma players. On the other hand, some might hate any kind of player and will attack anyone. And some might not care at all about any of this. The critical thing to understand is that guards will be there to reinforce their own faction's interest, which might not be aligned with what you want, so always keep an eye out for that.

In any case, guards will represent the law-enforcement of each settlement. The stronger the settlement, the stronger their guard. We don't want them to be unbeatable, of course, since we are eager to see groups of players and guilds conquering their land in the game as well. But you will need bigger weapons (or better skills) for bigger targets, that's for sure!

April 2022 Roadmap Update:

Our roadmap page got the latest changes, so you can head there to check them out.

We have a few points to cover about this one:

🔸Architecture (Network)

It is ready ✅ for testing, yay! There will be continuous improvements in how the server validates access and players' actions. But right now, we can see the architecture working well.


Also ready ✅ for testing! It does all it needs to do, it just isn't looking smooth yet. But it works!


Unfortunately, not progressing as we expected, but no worries! We'll get there 🙂


We progressed a lot, and we are super excited about it! We still need to approve some things, but it's going great.

🔸Skills & Status

It used to be a big draft about how we wanted them to work. We started actively working on them, programming-wise, so it entered the 'early development' stage.

🔸Early Semisus

It's going well. We still need to get some trees ready and see everything working together. It's also not yet 100% dynamic, but we are closer and closer 🌴


The spawner is a big deal regarding how dynamic and alive our world feels! You can expect this to be finished soon. It's in its final stage before reaching what we expect of it for Alpha testing.


Hey! Would you look at that? Artifacts popped up in there 🎉

🔸Advanced Crafting

Workstations INCOMING!!

🔸Mobs & NPCs

Portinus have migrated to this box now 🙏

It's important to remember that even if a feature is set as "Complete," it doesn't mean we won't keep working on it. There's always room for improvement, and we'll keep working on it.

Being tagged as "Complete" means they have met all the requirements to be tested.

That's it for today, guys. We hope you enjoy this roadmap update and, as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments, alright?

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