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Alrighty guys, I thought that I'd make this video to show that I really do need help with this mod, and the biggest thing that you can help with right now is designing layouts for maps. Specifically, maps that are located within the offices and labs of Aperture Science.

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The goal of this initiative is to not only make things much easier on me (being the only guy working on the maps, models, sound, and materials in my mod), but it's also so I can get you guys out there involved as well. I hope you like it.

Guidelines for Submission:

- Create the layout for an Aperture Office area. Keep in mind that I am basing these labs around Portal 1, not Portal 2, and the layouts or choice of structure should reflect this.

- You can use (almost) any medium of choice you wish to display your ideas, but please put thought into it. Microsoft paint drawings of top-down layouts will be disregarded entirely unless paired with some sort of 3d concept art, whether it be drawn, painted, modeled, or mapped.

- Try to think about tactical combat layouts, as there will be soldiers that can enter through various areas and attack, and the scientists are killable.

- Even though I said detailing wasn't necessary, I'd still like to have the people who are good at detailing put a bit of effort, at least adding in desks, chairs, maybe lights. Anything that helps define the area rather than add clutter.

- I am requesting specifically labs, maybe with just a couple bts areas showing. I'll be requesting testchambers later, once I get my testing elements finalized.

- Please put in your best effort if you want to submit. chances are if I get a giant linear string of hallways and rooms, I'll disregard it. Try to vary the rooms with cafeteria type sizes down to hallways, labs offices, even elevators and whatnot. Try to make it linear but give the player some explore space.

- Anyone's name whose map has been used to create the finalized levels in the game will get a spot in the credits, so make sure to name the file you are sending me with your username in it somewhere, or include it in the art.

- You can send me the files any way you want. Mediafire and Mega are good sites, as Dropbox files tend to go missing since people remove them from the folder.

- Message me here on ModDB, through a YouTube comment, or message me on Steam

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