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First of all, we are on Twitter, so follow us at!/PorphyryCopper :)

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Hi there! It's TDT-Alpha with some great news (and some others...) !
*We are working very hard on the content for the game and we currently got a lot of more stuff to show off from the game (still outside the UDK...) and there's more to it.

Currently, I'm (TDT-Alpha) working on a new simple but wonderful website for the game, which will include the following:

  • **New Teaser (simple, too...)
  • News
  • Images from the development of PRCO
  • Videos from the development of PRCO
  • New images, videos (I meant "more")
  • Commentaries and stuff you might wanna' know (...)
  • Summery with an updating story-line page.
  • Game-specific information - Characters, Background, Weapons and more!
  • Team-specific information - The members, their thoughts and 'needs' (what they want to be in the game)
  • And (maybe) More!

But this isn't only that, we have made a **New Teaser for the game with new a new logo, but don't think we are neglecting our logos XD It's the same logo but in more creative and well made way!
Actually we also made the following:

  • A twitter account:!/PorphyryCopper
  • Some loading screens (while loading the level or in-game animations... IDK...)
  • Some music (for menu, background and more!)
  • (We didn't make it but) TDT-Alpha has a synthesizer and it's going to be a BLAST!
    (I mean I will make also environmental sounds with it...)
  • Some tests related to game content... (Secretly done)
  • Some artwork and some of the story-line...

*The team is now: TDT-Alpha, Ork, DoomScorpion, Stacomoon.
**No game content will be shown in the current version, but it is a teaser, still...

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