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After 6 hours of sitting in front of the computer, but not for design, I finally gathered up 70% of my computer to normal work. It's not fully functional but you can read more in the full article...

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Finally! I (a kind of) reinstalled my Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to Windows 7 Service Pack 0 (as the installation said)!
Now I'm going back to work on Porphyry Copper although my computer is STILL NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL!

I made a "Repair", or "Reinstallation" if you call it like that - but actually I made an "Upgrade" from Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to Windows 7 Service Pack 0 (as the installation said).
Now, I just ran the computer and sighed widely.
My Windows now uses 1.2GB all the time instead of 3GB! It's an achievement after what have been through the last time, but still, it's making my computer half functional ("or 70.352% if you really wann'a know!") and that isn't the way I wanted it to be after disabling half of Windows' functions such as:
ALL related Wi-Fi services,
SuperFetch (which on Gamers' and Designers' computers is NOT needed!)
And some more the I forgot while writing this...
So yap, 2 more GB RAM have freed and my smiley face is reaching the sky with the mouth (and it hurts..), but still - It's not enough.

When I say it's not enough, it's not about my perfectionism (which I have), it's about making design on full time and the fastest way - because my hardware didn't let me down 3-4 years (besides the new GTX 580 which, firstly, ruined my Windows 7 OEM... But got onto it..).

So, if you know how to get rid of the remaining 1GB in timeless use, please tell me at the forum:
Windows 7 - 1GB Always In Use (Post at Porphyry Copper's forum)

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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