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Summing up recent popularity and asking a few questions of the Community.

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Hello everyone,

Well yesterday Fly got over 1,000 image hits in 1 day. I'm very pleased that people have taken such an interest in my mod. So far its been kinda tough, but with school out I have a lot of time to be working on the mod. I've recently released many in game shots of re-textured objects and a lot of work in progress maps. Now it seams that the mod is picking up a lot of speed and the project is looking very bright.
So far its been just me along with Butterbiscuit as our writer. There's another but he won't be mentioned until a later post. So as you can tell we still need people to help out. Even if you can only contribute a model or 2, maybe even animate or map something, it would mean a great deal to the development team. I began this project as something I would do in my free time so there's no time constraints on what things need to be done. So feel free to take your time with whatever you want to do and pass it into the mod whenever. As of now we still need:

  • Coder
  • Concept Artist
  • Texture Artist

That being said just email me at or for quicker response just message me here on ModDB.

In other news I would like to ask you, the community a question. What would you like to see in a mod? It could range from game play styles, to the look of graphic interfaces, anything that you would want to see within the game. Not to say I'll take all ideas, or any for that fact. But if you have a good one, I'll be sure to try and include it in the mod. Nothing to big such as overhauling the engine or adding something that would require us to rework a ton of stuff. That aside this is more for all those aspiring modders who haven't had the time, the skill requirement, or the man power to fulfill their idea. I always wanted this mod to be heavily involved with the community so say whats on your mind.

Thank you for reading,
Tristin M.


Congrats! I Would really like to help you on being your texture artist, but you apparently have a much better one seeing those re-skin pictures i've seen. But what I would like to see in your mod is more character direction more than the story-line direction, that would be cool.

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a small suggestion would to maybe have like a wardrobe in your house where you can get say body amour or guns and stuff to setup your character not change the model or any thing just like stats i think it would make character feel closer to there character btw great work so far

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